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  • EggDonationFriends.com

    Internet platform for patients interested in undergoing IVF with donor eggs in their home country or abroad. They are determined to start their treatment with donor eggs in a clinic that offers transparent conditions and high level of professionalism. 80% of the fertility patients are considering going abroad and they search for the most suitable and reliable medical centre.

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  • whereIVF.com

    It is the largest database of clinics which offer in vitro fertilization treatment. It has been created to help patients find information about treatment options and help them decide which medical centre is best for them. The clear and intuitive layout, grouped information and smart ratings render whereIVF.com a unique tool for infertile couples and a trustworthy source of information.

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  • FertilityClinicsAbroad.com

    Fertility Clinics Abroad provides patients with the information they need to find the best IVF clinic in Europe. The website features helpful guides to help patients understand more about their IVF options abroad. The website features easy-to-read clinic profiles and comprehensive information about various IVF destinations in Europe – making it easier for you to decide where to travel to have the best treatment.