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Why choose IVF Spain?
At IVF-Spain we recognise that treatment is not solely about physical intervention – we pay particular attention to ensure we offer an environment and facilities which promote emotional and psychological well-being.

Expected pregnancy rates

67% success rates

The success rates per embryo transfer using fresh donor eggs are 67% at IVF-Spain.


Exclusive donor

 All eggs retrieved from the donor are fertilized.

3 embryos on day 5

3 blastocyst on day 5 are guaranteed. If not,  free stimulation of the exclusive donor will be carried out.

No waiting list

There is no waiting list. There are more than 500 donors with proven fertility.

Package flat rate

Full egg donation program with guarantees within one flat rate. See below what’s included.

Included in package

  • First visit and on-line follow up

  • Individual matching with a single donor

  • Phenotypic matching

  • Carrier Screening on donors

  • Guarantee of 3 blastocysts

  • Sperm capacitation

  • ICSI / IVF / PICSI / IMSI fertilisation technique

  • Embryo transfer, preferably at blastocyst stage

Not included & optional procedures

Not included in program

  • First visit – basic screening tests: approx. €200 including (when applicable): comprehensive sperm test (sperm count and morphology), Apoptosis, DNA fragmentation, sperm freeze + storage for 1 year
  • Viral screening tests: male €48, female €48
  • Medication: approx. €500
  • Vitrification of remaining embryos:
    – Up to four embryos: €400
    – More than 4 embryos: €100/embryo
  • Embryo maintenance: €300/year (free of charge during the first year)
  • Frozen embryo transfer: €1,800

Optional procedures

  • MACS (Magnetic Cell Sorting): €250
  • Embryo selection using the “Time-Lapse” technique: €600
  • Spanish sperm bank: €750
  • International sperm bank: €1,000

After 3 failed attempts in UK and taking hard decision to use donor eggs. Clinic are amazing, within 2 months of 1St visit, back for treatment with daily updates on eggs. We have a gorgeous baby boy. Best decision we ever made and going back for 2nd go

Great clinic, it all felt so…comfortable! after the initial talk with my doctor I felt really good about the whole procedure from the begininng. I would recommend this clinic to everybody!

Everything from the first email and phone call went absolutely great. After two failed IVF’s in different clinics I almost lost hope but now thanks to staff of IVF SPAIN I’m finally a mother of a beautiful boy! Thank you 🙂

About IVF Spain

IVF-Spain logo

We are a fertility clinic located in Alicante (Spain) whose aim it is to help patients achieve their dream of conceiving a healthy child.

How do we achieve this?

Our philosophy focuses on providing a personalised treatment to the patient; we offer a complete service in their preferred language which promotes clear communication and understanding.

Our medical team is led by Dr. Jon Aizpurua, an internationally respected and renowned clinician in the field of assisted reproduction.

At IVF-Spain we are committed to being at the forefront of assisted human reproduction research, constantly assessing and using innovation and technology to ensure our patients receive the best possible treatment. This commitment also allows us to specialise and achieve positive outcomes in often complex cases such as:

EUR 9,900
  • 3 embryos guaranteed
  • exclusive donor
  • one flat price
  • no waiting list