IVF IMSI with Egg Donation and PGS

GYNCENTRUM Poland - IVF Clinic

GYNCENTRUM - Egg Donation Program
Why to choose?
In our clinic we treat and take care of our Patients individually. Every treatment starts with a detailed diagnosis to propose the best solution. The care of assigned medical consierge and most advanced technologies (including PGS) will make your fertility journey with us safe and successful.

Expected pregnancy rates

IVF Success Rates at GYNCENTRUM Clinic in Poland

IVF Success Rates - min. 64%


No waiting list for a donor

4 embryos guaranteed

Complex genetic diagnosis (PGS) of embryos

Care of assigned medical consierge

Included in package

  • In vitro IMSI fertilisation

  • Assisted hatching

  • Embryo transfer (ET/KET)

  • Medication until first transfer

  • Complex genetic diagnosis (PGS) of embryos

  • Immediate access to the in-house Gyncentrum Sperm and Egg Bank


GYNCENTRUM Poland - IVF Clinic

Gyncentrum Clinic is one of the top fertility treatment and prenatal diagnosis facilities in Poland. Gyncentrum provides cutting-edge treatments with the most advanced techniques of assisted reproductive technology available on the market, including treatments with the latest methods of classic In Vitro which increase the probability of success such as ICSI and IMSI.

Gyncentrum performs over 1,000 IVF cycles a year. Fulfilling dreams of having children is our main purpose from the very beginning. In our clinic we take care of our Patients individually. Every treatment starts with a detailed diagnosis to propose the best solution.

We do everything what is in our power to provide our Patients with the highest level of medical services.

Gyncentrum has at its disposal an in-house laboratory where we perform cytogenetic, biochemical, immunological and genetic tests. Based on the results of specialised examinations and tests, our doctors are implementing the most appropriate medical solutions and procedures.

Read more about complex PGS diagnosis at GYNCENTRUM

PGS is a best in class technology that allows for simultaneous large-scale processing of several hundred thousand DNA templates. This makes the technology ideally suited for sequencing large genes and a large number of genes. The efficiency of PGS technology is impressive – it is possible to read the human genome in just over a dozen hours. This opens up completely new possibilities for researchers and/or clinicians, as most diseases have a genetic basis.

Introduction of genetic profile analysis technology using PGS in diagnosis and therapy of PGD (i.e. preimplantation) will allow to safely determine the risk of genetic changes (often lethal) adversely affecting future offspring.

IVF IMSI with Egg Donation and PGS