iVF Riga Egg Donation Package

Your happiness is closer than You think!

iVF Riga Egg Donation package
Why to choose?
The first official and the largest Donor eggs and Donor sperm Bank in the Baltic States.
No waiting list. Wide healthy and young donor selection.

Expected pregnancy rates

Average success rates for iVF Riga Egg Donation package
are 72%. More than 3,000 happy families around the world.


Exclusive donor

 All eggs retrieved from the donor are fertilized.

2 embryos on day 5

2 blastocyst on day 5 are guaranteed.

No waiting list

There is no waiting list.

Exclusively and completely examinated donors

USG, gynecologist/urologist, geneticist, psychiatrist, tests for infections, microbiological and pap smears

8 eggs from donor guaranteed

Included in package

  • Donor choosing

  • Donor examinations

  • Donor stimulation

  • Egg collection

  • Fertilization by ICSI


  • EmbryoGlue

  • Blastocyst cultivation

  • Embryo transfer on day 5

Not included & optional procedures

Not included in program

  • Medications
  • Vitrification of remaining embryos: up to 3 cryotops – 350 Eur
  • Embryo storage: 300 Eur/year (The first year is free of charge!).

Optional procedures

  • Frozen embryo transfer – 1370 Eur
  • Embryo selection using EmbryoScope – 650 Eur.
About iVF Riga

iVF Riga is a First Choice One Stop clinic for infertility treatment and reproductive genetics headed by Dr. Violeta Fodina who has 15 years of experience in the field of reproduction. Unique centre for reproductive genetics allows to carry out both cytogenetic and molecular genetic tests; PGS/PGD.


Highly skilled and experienced team. All international quality standards (ISO 9001:2008; ISO 15189:2013). Legal anonymous donation. Location in the middle of Baltics, in a quiet part of the center of Riga, Latvia.
Our patients may stay in a modern hotel, a stone’s throw away from our clinic, at discounted rates.

iVF Riga Egg Donation package
  • 2 embryos guaranteed
  • exclusive donor
  • one flat price
  • no waiting list