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How to choose “the best” IVF clinic abroad? What to ask before you go? #IVFWEBINARS

Choosing IVF Clinic may overwhelm. It brings uncertainty and no wonder that one can feel unconvinced or puzzled. There’s a lot to grasp. Many aspects to consider, starting from relatively the most measurable like price or destination. Confusion starts with all the medical terms, presented success rates and overall clinic’s approach and even first impression. “The best” in this case means thousands different things as it’s listed in every possible way on websites, or any other communication channel.

Want to know how to decide then? What questions to ask which may help while making up your mind?

Sign up for the next  #IVFWEBINARS. Aleksander Więcki representing IVF Media will explain How to choose “the best” IVF Clinic Abroad. He will guide you through this difficult process of choosing by giving you tips about most important factors to focus on, questions needed to be asked and tricks that clinics use to attract patients.

We’re LIVE on Tuesday, January 212020 | 8 PM GMT [London Time] / 9PM GMT+1  [Brussels Time]

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