IVF Egg donation success rates in India

Success rates of in vitro fertilization with eggs from donor are relatively high. Of course the results of treatment are determined by many factors such as donor age and health, experience of the clinic and couples’ individual situation.

Success rates for IVF with egg donation are generally 10% greater than the average IVF pregnancy rates because the eggs come from young, fertile and healthy women.

On some websites you may even find information that Indian egg donors and their clients enjoy a 80% success rate, with over 100+ live births…
Typically the gametes banks’ databases include a combination of Indian, Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic and Asian egg donors from a variety of backgrounds. The vast majority of these donors are in the age range between 21-29 and have college degrees.

To increase success rates we recommend you taking a few additional steps. First – screen your donor carefully. Make sure that she has been properly screened for any medical or psychological problems. Fertility clinics present egg donor profiles to recipients, offering a comprehensive evaluation of each donor’s health, emotional status, family medical history, education and more.
Second – choose your fertility clinic wisely. Ask your doctor to help you interpret the statistics to find the most suitable clinic for you. It’s also important to contact the fertility clinic and interview the specialists to make sure this place feels right to you and your partner.

Last but not least – take care of your own health. No matter what your age is, the chances of getting pregnant using donor eggs are increased if you and your partner are in a good shape – physically and mentally. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, managing your stress, and avoiding unhealthy lifestyle habits such as cigarette smoking are important in enhancing donor egg success rates.