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Czech Republic – Egg Donation and IVF

Czech Republic is a beautiful Central European country. Czech fertility centres are often considered by international patients who need egg donation IVF programs with high success rates, and search for some low-cost infertility treatment. For many of them IVF clinics in Czechia provide the best combination of healthy oocyte donors and excellent medical care. In most cases infertility treatment with fresh and frozen eggs are both available. The average IVF egg donation success rate at infertility clinic in the Czech Republic is approx. 50-60%. Experienced Czech clinics offer a range of current egg donation procedures, excellent patient services and various infertility treatment options.

Under the current law of  the Czech Republic donor egg IVF is always anonymous. Fertility patients are allowed to receive only basic information about oocyte donors. Disclosure of donors’ photos is not allowed. In Czechia you do not have to wait long for for your donor, as many Czech infertility clinics have their own banks of oocyte donors.

If you are thinking of becoming a mother and having egg donation in Czechia, you may also want to visit wonderful Czech cities like Prague or Zlin where accommodation is easy to find, public transport there is fast and convenient, and it is mostly easy to travel in Czechia. The Czechs are open and friendly, most of them speak good English and there are many tourist attractions you simply must see.

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