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Egg Donation in Finland?

The Republic of Finland is a Nordic country located in the Northern Europe. It is boarded to the west by Sweden, to the north by Norway and to the east by Russia. It is a beautiful country with stunning views and exotic locations. It is also one of the most technologically developed country in the World. Finland is a member of the Schengen agreement so travelling from European Union countries means no border controls. There is around 30 foreign airlines flying to Finland (for example Ryanair) Travelling by boat is also a popular mean of transport for getting to Finland. Hotels in Finland are expensive but you can find good deals in large hotels on weekends and summer.
Finland assisted reproduction laws are gathered under the Medical Research Act No. 488/1999 and the Act on Assisted Fertility Treatments No. 1237/2006.
Egg donation and embryo donation is permitted. PGD is allowed when it benefits the children’s health and consequently sex selection is also allowed if it helps avoiding gender related diseases. No financial compensation is permitted except to reimburse of expenses related to undertaking the procedure like medication, traveling and accommodation and also for the loss on income due to the absence at work.
Costs of IVF treatments with donor eggs is an expense between 6500 – 7500 euros.

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