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of Singapore as destination for egg donation treatment:
  • 46%
    avg egg donation
    success rates in Singapore

    • EUR
    • 6500
    average egg donation
    cost in Singapore
  • 2
    no of egg donation
    clinics in Singapore
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Egg Donation in Singapore?

Singapore is a city in Southeast Asia and it is one of the most prosperous cities in the world. It also has the busiest port in the world. Although it is a very modern city with large amounts of skyscrapers and very dense population it is in 50% covered by greenery. There are 50 major parks and 4 nature reserves in Singapore.
To get into Singapore you will have to fill in the immigration form each time (do not lose it you will need it on the way out!) Citizens of most countries do not have to apply for a visa to get in. To know about the countries which have to apply for a visa in advance click here.
The easiest way to Singapore is of course by air. Singapore is one of the largest aviation hubs in Southeast Asia. Most major airlines around the world have flights to Singapore it should not be a problem to find a flight from Europe, USA and Asia.
Double rooms in hotels are available from 100 to 300 dollars for a night but you could find some cheaper than 100$.
Egg donation is permitted, the donor must be less than 35 years old and he cannot receive payment for the donation. Furthermore it can only be used by married couples. Sex selection is permitted only for medical reasons that help avoid gender related diseases.
Costs of IVF in Singapore is from 6000$ to 14 000$ per cycle. A Medisave account lets you get a 1000$ discount on the second and third attempt if it fails. That is 6000 $ for the first cycle, 5000 $ for the second and 4000 $ for the third.

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