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Spain, situated in the Iberian Peninsula, is one of the top countries with the most UNESCO World Heritage sites.  Also the country is well-known for excellent fertility treatments at reasonable costs. International patients, mainly from Germany, the UK and the US, travel to Spain to undergo the IVF procedure, and, in particular, egg donation.

Best IVF clinics in Spain are modernly equipped and achieve high success rates in assisted reproduction procedures.

The average success rate of donor egg IVF treatment in Spain is 63% and much higher than the European average.  Highly-qualified and experienced Spanish doctors and fertility specialists speak English pretty well, so language barrier is not an issue in Spain.  IVF clinics in Spain offer no waiting list for egg donors, as egg donation is legal under the law of the country.

Spanish IVF clinics also offer reproductive assisted procedures to single patients, and patients’ age is not limited. To be an egg donor, a candidate has to fully complete a detailed and thorough medical screening, and many candidates are rejected due to high standards.

IVF clinics in Spain – costs

IVF cost in Spain is also highly competitive compared to the western countries.

According to statistics from the Spanish Fertility Society, best IVF clinic in Spain achieves approximately 60% success rates for IVF treatment, and many clinics offer egg donation programs, that meet the quality of international standards such as ISO. IVF cost in Spain is pocket-friendly, and starts from 4,500 Euros (using own eggs). The average cost of IVF with donor eggs in Spain is 6,282 Euros and is significantly lower than in the UK or the US.

Best IVF clinics in Spain offer not only high quality egg donation treatment, but also additional services as online consulting, airport pickup or possibility to contact a clinic in an emergency situation.

Moreover, when you consider undergoing IVF or egg donation abroad, you should decide what country is the best choice, whether you like the country’ s climate, culture and cuisine. Spain is a top tourism destination because of its excellent climate with sunny days most of the year.

You might ask what the best IVF clinic in Spain is?

It depends on your individual situation.  You are welcome to complete our online questionnaire, and you will get the list of  best fertility clinics in Spain that meet your individual requirements.

If you want to realise your dream of having a child, just combine your IVF treatment or egg donation  in Spain with a relaxing holiday in amazing country.

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