* Data provided by clinic for 2018

Donor Egg IVF Success Rates

You should know:

Presented statistics don't include any frozen embryo transfers within an IVF cycle. Be aware of treatment costs as some clinics include frozen embryo transfers in their statistics and FET may not be included in program cost.

How are the success rates calculated?

Fresh donor eggs

single IVF cycle success rate per embryo transfer:


Frozen donor eggs

single IVF cycle success rate per embryo transfer:


Average number of embryos transferred per embryo transfer

The higher number of embryos the higher risk of multiple pregnancy:


Preferred embryo transfer day

day 3 (cleavage) or day 5 (blastocyst):


Your individual chances to successful treatment

If you don't want to fall into IVF success rates trap, ask the clinic about your individual prognosis based on your age, medical history, previous treatments and infertility diagnosis.

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Treatment options:

Woman up to 52 years old

Single woman

Lesbian couples

Fresh donor eggs

Frozen donor eggs


PGT-A (PGS) - embryo genetic testing

HIV positive - male

HIV positive - female

HBV/HCV positive - male

HBV/HCV positive - female

Gender selection (medical reason)

Donor egg source:

Egg Bank located at the Clinic:


External Egg Bank:


Treatment costs:

Egg donation fresh cycle:

from €5,500

Egg donation frozen cycle:

Not available

Medical consultation:

from €100

Frozen embryo transfer:

from €200

Embryo donation:

from €1,500

Donor sperm:

from €150

Available donors:

Egg donor anonimity:


Non anonymous

Donor pictures:

Donor picture

Donor as a baby picture

Egg donor race:

Caucasian (white)

Hispanic (Latino)


African (black)




Not sure if your preferable egg donor is available?
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Clinic's Experience and Team

Clinic operates since: 2016

No. of IVF cycles (donor eggs): 500

No. of IVF cycles (own eggs): 500

No. of fertility doctors:

No. of embryologists:

MA Anna Dostalová


Experience: 7 years

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Czech

BA Michaela Novotná


Experience: 5 years

Languages: English, German, Czech

MA Veronika Růžičková

Patient advocate

Experience: 1 year

Languages: English, French, Czech

Jana Zavřelová

Patient advocate/Coordinator for German speaking patients

Experience: 3 years

Languages: German, Czech

Leah Barker

Patient advocate/Coordinator for English speaking patients

Experience: 1 year

Languages: English

Andrea Murillo

Patient advocate/Coordinator for English speaking patients

Experience: 1 year

Languages: English

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Donor egg IVF programs

Egg Donation with Guarantee of 2nd Embryo Transfer


Basic information

Program with donor's oocytesFresh oocytes

Waiting time for donor eggsImmediately

Maximum number of visits in clinic2 visits

The maximum time of stay (days)1 day

Additional costs required€780

Basic Guarantees

No. of oocytes: None

Embryos day 3:None

Embryos day 5:3

Included in program and additional costs

First medical consultation (qualification)


Embryologist consultation


Program qualification tests for woman


Program qualification tests for partner


Recipient's medications


Donor's medications and all other costs


Sperm freezing before the program




Blastocyst culture (embryo development till day 5th)


Vitrification of (remaining) embryos and stroage for 1 year


ET - Embryo transfer




AH - assisted hatching


No. of IVF cycles included in package


Other procedures and costs





Donor Genetic Screening (e.g. CGT, Recombine)


Embryo Glue


PGT-A (PGS) - genetic embryo testing


Embryo Monitoring (Embryoscope, Time Lapse, Geri)


Donor sperm


FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer


Terms, conditions and payment

Terms, conditions and payment:


Rybná 716/24, 110 00 Prague, Tschechien


Medistella in other cities in Tschechien: Prague, Kolin, Brno, Kostelec nad Orlicí, Olomouc

About Medistella:

If you're looking for IVF treatment and don't know where to turn then look no further than Medistella - an IVF agency that works with fertility clinics and helps patients find the treatment they need.

The coordinators at Medistella will go above and beyond in order to find you the best IVF clinic they can that suits your needs. What's more, every clinic they recommend has been personally visited by one of the team, every doctor and co-ordinator spoken to and every laboratory looked over. This way you know that Medistella will not let you down.

And when I say they have spoken to every doctor that would be involved in your treatment I mean it, they have spoken to everyone around the doctor as well and done their research to make sure that each doctor is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the best care and treatment for you.

Whilst Medistella is based in the Czech Republic they work with clinics in countries all over Europe, and they have the language skills to make sure nothing is lost in translation, speaking 6 languages between them; English which they all speak, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and German. Medistella has been open since 2016 but don't let that fool you, their team has a combined 18 plus years’ experience so they definitely know what they are talking about.

The consultation with Medistella coordinators is free of charge for all patients. The cost of direct consultation with a specific clinic may vary.

Even more, they will assist you with all arrangements needed to make your stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible, from helping with hotels to arranging airport pick-up so you don't have to worry about a thing. So get in touch with Medistella today and be sure that they will be doing their absolute best to ensure your IVF journey begins in the best and most comfortable way.


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