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Bridgetown is the biggest and most thriving city on Barbados. With approximately 110,000 inhabitants, Bridgetown is the capital and also a commercial centre of the island. The city is a wonderful combination of the old historic architecture and the new modern sites such as shopping centres or modernx12 offices.

Bridgetown is a lively city offering various summer activities and exotic cuisine – here you can shop duty-free, sail on a yacht, catamaran or fishing boat or simply enjoy shopping in the malls or a stroll through colourful streets where street vendors sell fresh food, goods and famous Barbadian ice-cream!


Barbados Fertility Centre is a centre of excellence and its dedicated team work tirelessly at providing infertility treatment to increase a patient’s probability of success.

The clinical and laboratory facilities at Barbados Fertility Centre are of the highest quality – from the reception area to the consultation rooms, to the top of the range ultrasound monitoring suites and then to the fully equipped egg retrieval theatre and recovery room. Most importantly the IVF laboratory at BFC has been designed to provide only the best environment for embryo culture including specially designed positive pressure air-conditioning and air filtration systems.

Climate and weather

Bridgetown climate is tropical dry and wet. The temperatures remain fairly the same during the year, every year. The island’s highest recorded temperature is 33.1 °C (91.6 °F) and the lowest recorded temperature is 16.5 °C (61.7 °F). There is a wet and dry season. Bridgetown’s dry season is from February to May and the wet season lasts the rest of the year.

Local services and transportation

Bridgetown is a vibrant place with very good infrastructure: internet cafés, wi-fi spots, etc. The city has great public transport system. Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) serves flights by Air Berlin, British Airways, Air Canada, Thomas Cook Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and many more. The airport in Bridgetown creates easy access to Barbados from Europe, the United States, Canada, Central America and South America.

If you decide to rent a car to explore the city, remember that you need to drive on the left hand side just like in the UK. Speed limits are 60 km/h (37 mph) in residential areas. If you want to jump on a bus northbound, start your bus journey from Princess Alice Bus Terminal, and if you are heading east or south, leave from the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal. For those medical tourists who prefer cabs, there are many taxis, usually minivans.


On Barbados you can be spoiled for choice where to eat out. Bridgetown offers plenty of dining options from the expensive upmarket restaurants to delicious local (called Bajan) cuisine at very affordable prices. Bridgetown restaurants open early in the evening. The usual time for a bigger meal is 6-7pm. Food prices usually include a 10% service charge so you do not have to leave a tip.

Some of the Barbadian specialties include cou-cou & fried flying fish with spicy gravy (national dish), cutters (sandwich with fish or cheese), salt bread or coconut bread, curry chicken and drinks: rum punch or mauby drink. Exotic and delicious.

Useful travel information

Take your debit and credit cards with you – ATMs are available throughout the city. Shops usually open 8am till 6pm weekdays and 8am till 12pm on Saturdays and they accept card payments.

Most Barbadian hotels have 220 AC electricity power outlets so your UK shaver or hair straightener should work just fine. If you need to call Barbados from home the dialling code is 1–246 followed by 7-digit phone number. Once in Bridgetown or anywhere on the island simply use the 7-digit number. When on Barbados, if you wish to call UK, US or Canada simply dial the needed country code and seven digit number. The emergency numbers you need are: 211 for police, 311 for fire brigade and 511 for ambulance. Time zone is GMT-4.