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Implantation window: its importance and how to prepare for embryo transfer #IVFWEBINAR

Find out how to prepare for embryo transfer and learn how important the implantation window is for embryo implantation. Watch the video recording from our webinar with Dr. Roksolana Semchyshyn, Ph.D, M.D., from Intersono Clinic.

The webinar presentation covers all you need to know about:

  • the role of endometrium in the onset of pregnancy: the importance of its thickness, structure, presence or absence of inclusions, polyps;
  • what actually is the implantation window?
  • the importance of endometrial cell competence, ability to attach an embryo: immunological factors, HLA compatibility and thyroid effects;
  • preparing the endometrium for embryo transfer using medication, what you need to pay attention to and key aspects of endometrium monitoring during cryocycle.

The webinar speaker was Dr. Roksolana Semchyshyn, Ph.D, M.D., Head of IVF department, an experienced IVF and ultrasound diagnostics specialist from Intersono IVF Clinic in Ukraine. She has over 11 years of practical experience in the field of IVF. Dr. Roksolana is also a member of ESHRE (European Society of Reproductive Medicine) as well as a member of UARM (Member of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine).

Do not forget to check the Questions & Answers part of the webinar recording where webinar attendees asked the doctor their own questions. We will soon publish the full transcript of the Q&A session with dr. Roksolana.


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