Everything you need to know about egg health

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IVF and Egg health

In vitro fertilization helps people with infertility caused by many different things like PCOS or Endometriosis diseases, blocked fallopian tubes etc. It can even help in cases of unexplained infertility but there are limits even to IVF. One of those limits is the inability to affect the health of a woman’s eggs which is the key to success with getting pregnant. Bottom line is that if the eggs are not healthy your chances with IVF are weak, if the eggs health is very good you have a significantly better chance to have a successful pregnancy.

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The problem is that most women get to know the diagnosis about their egg health after their first try with In vitro because it’s the first time they ever have their egg health evaluated. Here’s some useful information about how to improve your egg health and about egg health in general.

Any woman can have poor egg health

Women can have eggs of poor health not only when they’re older, it also happens to younger women which are smoking or drinking or other environmental issues like exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins. Furthermore the cause can be of a medical nature for e.g. type 2 diabetes or PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome). Furthermore like the infertility itself, poor egg health can also be unexplained. What is known for sure thanks to research and studies is that the egg’s health is in part dependant on the mitochondria inside the egg cells.

Check your health regularly

Although it sounds obvious and you probably even wanted to omit this one while reading we should all remember that checking your health regularly could show some hidden conditions  which could be affecting your egg health. Some medical conditions influence egg health and for some of those diseases a woman can be tested for. One of those conditions which influence egg health directly is the disease we already mentioned – PCOS. Hormonal problems and cysts caused by PCOS can be very bad for your egg health and quality. The better the diagnosis the more the doctors know about the state of the a woman’s reproductive health and that is the best start to start the treatment.

Advancements in medical science and technology

There are ways to improve egg health or at least screen the embryos to select the healthiest ones. Embryo selection like PGS or PGD proved to be essential in some cases involving poor egg health. There is also the new way of treatment from OVAscience called the Augment treatment which was developed with the intention of improving egg health. Putting it short the Augment treatment improves the health of your eggs with the mitochondria from the immature eggs. You can read more about the treatment by clicking here . This treatment improves egg health which is very important for patients who don’t want to use donor eggs. Augment treatment already had successes with healthy births but it is still isn’t widely available.

Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t guarantee a healthy reproductive system of course but it surely helps. Research shows that overweight women have lower fertility rates, this is also true for women who are significantly underweight. Daily exercise and activity can do wonders but remember not to overdo them because it could prevent ovulation. Diets is also a good way to take care of your body to improve your chances before trying to get pregnant but there is really no diet that could improve the fertility itself.