Win a Free Egg Donation Treatment in Spain

Win a Free Egg Donation Treatment in Spain

The special offer has ended.
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Clinica Tambre offers Free Egg Donation Treatment for patients who have been trying to conceive for at least one year.

It’s all you dream of, the smallest and the most precious thing ever giving the biggest joy, and it’s just unreachable. A miracle you are waiting and hoping for despite all the difficulties. The purpose of your efforts. Not just a baby. Your baby!
And what if we tell you that we are here to help you with your biggest dream to come true? To get pregnant and have a baby. As a gift from us to you! Unbelievable as it sounds, together with Clinica Tambre in Spain we’d like to announce the great news!

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Clinica Tambre we’d like to make ONE COUPLE the happiest people in the world and donate Egg Donation Treatment for them. This special gift includes ICSI fertilization, Blastocyst Culture – 1 Blastocyst Embryo Guaranteed, Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring Included (GERI) valued at EUR5,900. For everybody who attempts to get pregnant for some time, it’s obvious that the value is priceless though.

Prize: IVF Egg Donation Program

ICSI fertilization, Blastocyst Culture – 1 Blastocyst Embryo Guaranteed,
Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring Included (GERI)

Valued at: EUR5,900

Clinica Tambre’s free Egg Donation offer – Terms and Conditions

  • The maximum age of the patient should be 50
  • Trying to conceive for more than one year
  • The price includes free egg donation treatment, three blastocysts guarantee, first visit and one hotel night for free
  • Any other costs incurred in testing and travelling will be paid by the winner
  • Marketing: the winner will agree to be filmed and interviewed throughout the patient journey.

About Clinica Tambre

Tambre counts on more than 50 professionals dedicated to helping their patients, who travel to us from all over Europe to fulfill their long-desired dream of becoming parents. These patients have undergone fertility treatments in their home country, where they have been able to find neither a positive result nor a clinic suiting their needs. These couples then come to us seeking a clinic that fulfills all that. And this is where Tambre Fertility Clinic comes into play.”

We are more than happy to be part of Egg Donation Friends and offer a Free Egg Donation treatment, because we think that it offers brilliant support for women and couples suffering from infertility. Unfortunately, fertility issues are still a taboo topic and thanks to Egg Donation Friends, women and men are feeling more comfortable talking about it. This is very important because so many people struggle with fertility issues and they should know that they are not alone and that there are options.
Clinica Tambre


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