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  • How does it work?

    1. Fill in the short form to apply for a free consultation with an infertility expert
    2. Our consultants will contact you as soon as possible to book the consultation time and date
    3. You will be able to consult an IVF doctor online (via Skype) and receive first-hand personalized medical advice.
  • It is a unique chance to interact with the doctor and the clinic abroad without even setting your foot there. Remember, you will be speaking to a doctor, not a clinic coordinator. We work with many European clinics so our medical panel consists of experienced IVF doctors from various IVF hospitals located in Europe.

How to prepare for online consultation?

Choosing a clinic and an IVF doctor may be a daunting task. Don’t leave it to chance! It is an important decision and we understand it. Book a consultation today to help you make wise and well-informed decisions about your future treatment.



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