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FREE webinar – IVF with donor eggs: is it for me? Indications & good practices

Watch the webinar recording from EggDonationFriends’ event held on 12th December 2017 – free webinar “IVF with donor eggs – is it for me? Indications & good practices” presented by GYNEM, a fertility clinic from Prague, the Czech Republic.  EggDonationFriends are not slowing down in assisting fertility patients and we continue to provide you the most reliable and easily accessible knowledge on everything connected with infertility, IVF with donor eggs, other fertility solutions and the quality and cost of IVF in the clinics abroad.

The previous EggDonationFriends webinars were held on topics like Fresh vs. Frozen Eggs, IVF over 40, and Embryo Transfer on Day 3 or Day 5. They were presented by fertility experts from such clinics as Assisting Nature Greece, Intersono in Ukraine and PreGen in Spain – we are glad the events have generated so much interest among international patients, mostly from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, France and even Saudi Arabia.

Everything about IVF with donor eggs in Europe

The fourth edition of EggDonationFriends webinar was dedicated to everyone who is researching or considering fertility treatments, especially IVF with donor eggs. Before choosing your treatment path many of you have a lot of questions:

  • Considering my age should I first try with my own eggs or donor eggs?
  • IVF with donor eggs – is it for me? What are the indications?
  • Are donor eggs my only chance?
  • What are the IVF with donor eggs success rates in Czech Republic?
  • Am I not too old to get pregnant and have a healthy baby?
  • What are the good practices used by fertility doctors in Prague?
  • Is IVF with donor eggs more successful than standard IVF treatment?
  • How many embryos are transferred during IVF with donor eggs in Europe?
  • How many cycles of IVF with donor eggs can I have?
  • What is the process of IVF with donor eggs in Czech Republic?

Similar questions and doubts were answered during the webinar on 12th December. We have noted a record number of questions from the patients – 40! The presenter, Dr. Maria Khutorskaya, an IVF specialist from GYNEM, fertility clinic from Czech Republic, answered them all during the Q&A session. All questions and answers will be soon published here.

Fertility doctors in Czech Republic

Dr. Khutorskaya has received her degree in the Faculty of Medicine from Samara University (Russia). She was also recognized with a certificate by Charles University (Prague). Dr. Maria also spent a year at the University of Siena in Italy. Dr. Khutorskaya is known by her patients as a doctor with positive attitude and a great professional. Our fertility expert’s hobbies go beyond medicine and fertility.  Her hobbies are traveling, books and sports. What is important for international patients, Dr. Khutorskaya speaks 3 languages fluently: English, Russian and Italian. The webinar will be presented in English.

IVF with donor eggs in Czech Republic

Since 2015 Dr. Khutorskaya has been working with GYNEM Fertility Clinic in Prague which is a family-owned clinic. GYNEM is popular with international fertility patients who choose this clinic mainly because of the vast experience of the doctors (e.g. more than 19-year experience in assisted reproductive technologies of dr. Milan Mrazek, PhD), advanced medical equipment and convenient and tourist-friendly location in the heart of Prague, the Czech Repbulic.

GYNEM fertility centre’s doctors have managed to achieve one of the highest IVF success rates which is 63% – the data refers to clinical pregnancy with donor eggs gathered in 2016. Patients from abroad who visit the clinic can benefit from personalized treatment programs, immediate availability of egg donors or other treatments, 24/7 clinic’s assistance and free pick-up and drop-off.

A big advantage of GYNEM is the Trusted Clinic certificate awarded by EggDonationFriends. This type of certificate is only awarded to medical institutions which have been thoroughly screened by EggDonationFriends and confirmed to provide perspicuous and transparent information on pricing, operations and standards.

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