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FREE webinar – surrogacy in Ukraine: how to start?

EggDonationFriends would like to invite you to our fifth free webinar, this time on the topic of surrogacy in Ukraine: options, legal aspects, documents – how to start? The webinar will be held on 23rd January 2018, Tuesday at 8pm UK time. It will be  presented by Kateryna Sokolovska – a medical coordinator of the surrogacy program at Intersono IVF Clinic in Ukraine. Ms Sokolovska assists intended parents throughout their surrogacy journey and provides them with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on the progress of their program. Kateryna also works with surrogate mothers starting from their examinations, through stimulation and during the pregnancy process.

Our surrogacy webinar will be available only for registered users, so please make sure you register via the link below. You will receive e-mail reminders so you can be sure you will not miss the event.

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surrogacy in Ukraine

Kateryna Sokolovska, surrogacy coordinator at Intersono

What is surrogacy?

Let us make things straight – surrogacy is not a fad or a whim. This method has been successfully since 1986. Surrogacy is a fertility solution for women and men for whom pregnancy (even with the help of IVF) is not medically possible, too risky to the mother’s health or simply not possible because the intended parents are male same sex couple.

There are different types of surrogacy:

1) Traditional/straight surrogacy (also dubbed partial or genetic surrogacy). In this method:

  • the surrogate’s eggs and the intended father’s sperm (or donor sperm) are used in artificial insemination so called “turkey baster” method. Actually, in this method there is no real turkey baster involved. The surrogate uses a sterile, disposable syringe to insert sperm in her vagina. This procedure can be performed privately by the parties without the need for a doctor, however, you can also have it done at a fertility centre.

2) Gestational/full surrogacy – also known as host surrogacy. This method involves an IVF procedure and the resulting embryo being implanted in a surrogate. Sometimes gestational surrogates are referred to as gestational carriers. Full surrogacy may have different forms, for example:

  • the intended parents’ genetical material is used (egg and sperm) – the baby is genetically related to their intended parents; this is a great option for women whose oocytes are of high quality however, they cannot, for some reason carry and give birth to a baby.
  • the doctor uses the intended father’s genetical material and oocyte coming from a donor – a solution that will only work if the father’s sperm of sufficient quality.
  • the intended mother’s oocyte is used along with donor sperm – the baby is then related to the intended mother only.
  • also donor embryo can be used.

More about surrogacy – costs and legal aspects

In countries where surrogacy is legal, for instance in Ukraine, infertile couples may use the help of a fertility clinic like Intersono which assists the intended parents through the entire process.

Here you can read more about surrogacy cost and legal aspects at Intersono IVF clinic. Compare surrogacy costs in the USA, Canada, South East Asia and Ukraine, also, see some photos of surrogate babies born through surrogate services of Intersono.

Many famous people have used surrogate services, among others Tyra Banks, Jimmy Fallon, Lucy Liu, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kardashian, Elton John or Neil Patrick Harris. They have done it for a number of reasons, some of them being multiple failed IVF cycles, having medical conditions like preeclampsia or placenta accrete. If you have a medical condition preventing you from becoming pregnant, have a healthy and safe birth or surrogacy is your only option for parenthood, join us on Tuesday 23rd January – you will be able to ask your own questions during the webinar!

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