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Implantation issues and hormonal reproductive defects #IVFWEBINAR

What causes implantation issues with IVF with own eggs or with donor eggs? What are the signs of embryo implantation issues? And what are the symptoms of implantation issues an IVF patient may have? Watch the webinar and check the answers to these questions. The entire webinar was dedicated to the topic of “Implantation issues and hormonal reproductive defects”.

The webinar’s presenter was dr. Alexandra Izquierdo, Medical Director at ProcreaTec International Fertility Clinic in Madrid, Spain. Dr. Alexandra Izquierdo has vast experience in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Her main interest has always been reproductive medicine and medical research has always been her passion. Dr Izquierdo has published many scientific articles and has been a speaker at multiple international conferences. Since 2013 dr. Izquierdo is associated with ProcreaTec team and she is currently the Medical Director of the clinic. What she loves most about her job is helping infertile patients become mothers and fathers.

Stay tuned on EggDonationFriends social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we will soon publish the complete transcript of the Q&A session with dr Alexandra Izquierdo.

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