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Implantation window and uterine lining in IVF programs with donor eggs #IVFWEBINARS

Are you preparing for an IVF program with donor eggs? We have a webinar for you. How wide is implantation window? What is the ideal endometrial thickness for implantation in IVF programs with donor eggs? What affects uterine lining thickness and how to improve the thickness before the embryo transfer? What if my lining is not improving in thickness? Do I stand a chance?

These and many other questions will be answered by Dr. Nataliya Kushniruk from FertiCare Prague, the Czech Republic, who will be an expert during our upcoming webinar on 26th March 2019 at 8 PM UK time. Dr. Nataliya will be happy to answer your questions in the Q&A session after the presentation on the above topic. Save the date in your calendar and register with the button below.

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We value your privacy – please use a nickname or initials if you do not wish your name to be displayed in the chat section during the live event. The webinar presentation and the Q&A session will be recorded and posted on our website. If you miss the event live, you will be able to watch it on-demand on our page. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when the webinar recording is uploaded.

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About the Author

Nataliya Kushniruk

Nataliya Kushniruk

Dr. Nataliya Kushniruk, Physician – Reproductive Medicine and Genetics Specialist at Ferticare Prague, the Czech Republic. Since 2006 Dr. Kushniruk has been working in the assisted reproduction field in various clinics in the Czech Republic. She is a member of the Czech Medical Association, Russian Society for Reproductive Medicine, SHRE, and the Ukrainian Society for Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Nataliya Kushniruk holds the highest category Certificate in Gynecology and Obstetrics, issued in Kiev and is an ISO 9001: 2005 System Management Auditor. Speaks Czech, English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

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