Infertility myths and facts

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Infertility can be a very complex condition and it is very often confusing for a lot of people, especially for those who never experienced it. This often leads to the creation of myths which root so deeply into our societies they start to be considered as facts by whole groups of people. Here you will learn which information you can throw out to the trash and which should be considered as facts. With those facts you can calmly confront those sharing harmful myths.

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Infertility myths vs facts


Infertility is a women’s problem – myth

The fact is that infertility is a women’s only problem in 35% of the cases which surprises a lot of people. Another fact is that in other 35% of the cases it is strictly the cause of male infertility. Many men think that if they ejaculate normally than everything is as it should be, they forget to consider the quality and count of the sperm. Furthermore in 20% of the cases infertility is caused by the couples combined infertility problems and in 10% of the cases the infertility is unexplained.

For most women it’s simple to get pregnant – myth

The fact is that 1 in 8 couples have infertility problems. In the United States more than 5 million people in the childbearing age is experiencing infertility. Most of the people notice how wide and common of a problem it is when they found out they are infertile themselves and start looking for help.

Relax, be patient it will happen eventually – myth

The fact is that infertility is a physical disease affecting your reproductive system and it will not just go away by itself when you just stop worrying and start relaxing. Although lowering stress levels can slightly boost up your fertility it will not magically cure your infertility. If you can’t get pregnant there are advanced medical procedures to get you diagnosed and from than doctors can seek a real solution to your problem.

Adopt and then you get pregnant – myth

The fact is…the fact is that this one is just stupid. Some people spread absurd fairy tales according to which the infertile couple which adopts a child will get pregnant not a long time after. Probably because of all the ‘relaxing’ and the relief right? Wrong of course, studies show that couples which have adopted a child have the same fertility rate as before.

Maybe God has other plans for you – myth

This one can be really painful to hear especially when you’re trying really hard, even though everybody should know it is just absurd. The fact that you need a medical procedure to get pregnant is the same case as any other when a human being has a disease or a condition that needs medical attention. You wouldn’t take an amputee’s prosthetic leg and tell him that God had other plans for him would you?

My partner will leave me because of the infertility – myth

The fact is that in the 40% of the cases the man contributes to the infertility problem and anyway the partner is very often the one which helps you go through the tough period. Many couples fight the infertility together which strengthens their relationship and makes them a better couple even if they never succeed in getting pregnant.

Forget about infertility myths

There is a lot more of myths of course, some more crazy than other but all should be confronted with facts and put to sleep. Remember if you think you could be infertile do not listen to fairy tales just go to the doctor, get diagnosed and put up a fight.