INVOcell – the way to cheaper IVF?

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The search for cheaper IVF

As most people probably already know IVF is an expensive procedure. That’s why people are looking for ways to make it cheaper. Some of them are going abroad to find a cheaper clinic in a foreign country. Other who need IVF with egg donation look for donors online, a known donor or decide to have a shared donor with another recipient. All this to make the In vitro fertilization treatment a bit less expensive. The treatment of one woman with IVF involves doctors and other staff of the clinic, the usage of advanced medical equipment and the laboratory where the embryo is growing in the incubator under the care of a embryologist. What if there was a way of incubating the embryo in the woman’s body instead of the laboratory? Well for one it would make lower the IVF cost even by 50%!

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What is the INVOcell device?

INVO cell It was produced by the company called InvoBioscience. It is an in-body incubator device which is inserted in the vagina and used instead of the laboratory incubation devices at the clinic. How it works is the sperm and egg is placed in a culture device which is the inserted into INVOcell device and the woman’s body serves as the natural incubator. The incubation inside the body lasts for 5 days and after that the developed embryo is transferred to the womb. Here’s how Boris from EggDonationFriends described the device in his article:

In a standard IVF procedure there is a need for incubators which have to be set up so they will mimic the woman’s body and they have to be monitored on a regular basis to make sure that everything is how it should be – the proper gas levels for example. In the case of using INVOcell the body is the incubator so those things aren’t needed and this makes the IVF with INVOcell a lot cheaper

Who can  use it and what are the advanages?

First of all it is for people who cannot afford standard IVF treatments with the lab growth embryo. Using INVOcell as an in-body incubator can make IVF cheaper by half of the price. However it is not only about the cost. In some countries, especially the developing countries some clinics have just the simple equipment which makes carrying out the standard IVF procedure almost impossible. Another thing is that in those countries power outages occur often and the machinery which controls the incubators in the lab need electricity constantly and the lack of it could be devastating. With the INVOcell it is possible because you can take the advanced laboratory stuff out the equation.         Furthermore it is also a great way of doing IVF for patients which live very far from the fertility center.  One other advantage is that women get more involved in the IVF treatment which is great for psychological reasons. Also the possibility of transferring a wrong embryo is impossible with INVOcell.

Effectiveness – Does INVOcell work?

Trials in US and Colombia show that INVOcell could be almost as successful as standard IVF. The US trails were done in the Center for Assited Reproduction in Texas with the lead of dr Kevin Doody. The results showed a 55% birth rate – the standard IVF procedure had a 60% rate. INVO Bioscience’s INVOcell was already approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Trials in Bogota, Colombia at the Center for Fertility and Sterility leaded by Elkin Lucena also had very good results. Dr Lucena also recognized how important this device could be for developing countries and he added that: “Organising a lab for INVO is very simple and cheap compared to the sophisticated labs for conventional IVF”

Where is it available?

INVOcell is available in the United States where it received the FDA approval which was already mentioned. You can get it in the European countries and CanadaLatin America and the Middle East. It is also supposed to get to China when they receive needed approvals.