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IVF and egg donation. Process, risks and limitations #IVFWEBINARS

Egg donation is a fertility treatment used by women who for medical reasons can’t use their own eggs to have a child. In such cases, donor eggs donated by an egg donor is used.
Knowing the general assumptions may just not be enough when considering such treatment option. Getting familiar with the details is desired to handle the doubts and explain all the concerns such as: 

  • what is the treatment process?
  • what are the advantages (and possible disadvantages) of using donor eggs?
  • are there any risks to consider?
  • what kind of limitations are associated with this treatment?

#IVFWEBINARS with Dr. Maria Arqué [International Medical Director at Fertty International] covered all of these questions about IVF & egg donation. Process, risks and limitations and also those asked by the attendees during the live event.

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