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How the PGS is performed and what does the process look like?
Answered by: Dr Victoria Walker | Dr Maria Arque | Ester Padilla
The ERA Test in IVF programs – how, when and why?
Answered by: Dr Oksana Babula | Dr Alexandra Izquierdo | Dr Juan José Sánchez Rosas
Can PGS – embryo genetics diagnosis, increase the IVF success rates?
Answered by: Dr Maria Arquè | Ester Padilla | Dr Victoria Walker
Phenotype matching and donor eggs – what’s the chance the baby will look like me?
What is an endometrial scratching and when should it be considered?
Epigenetics – do babies end up looking like the egg recipient?
What is an oocyte quality grading system? How is oocyte quality evaluated?
What can have a real impact on effectiveness of egg donation programs?
What is carrier screening, matching for donor and/or recipient? Should I do it?
Could my IVF program with donor eggs be cancelled for some reason?
What is an embryo quality grading system? How is embryo quality evaluated?
What does the qualification for IVF egg donation program look like – visits, tests, etc.?
What is implantation window and what does it depend on?
IVF with donor eggs in Europe for Australian patients. How to start & proceed?
Exclusive donor, no. of eggs guaranteed or no. of embryos guaranteed – what’s better?
What are the reasons for implantation problems in donor eggs programs?
Embryo transfer, implantation window and fresh cycle donor egg program – is it complicated to synchronize the cycles?
Could immune diseases affect IVF with donor eggs treatment and success?
IVF with donor eggs for patients experiencing recurrent & spontaneous miscarriages. Are donor eggs a cure?
What should I do when IVF with donor eggs fails?
Is it better to transfer embryos on day 3 or day 5 at blastocyst stage?
IVF with donor eggs with PGS (preimplantation genetic screening) – is it worth it?
Is there a difference in success rates of IVF with donor eggs in relation to a woman’s age?
IVF with Donor Eggs – are fresh eggs better than frozen?
How IVF IMSI, MACS, PICSI or other procedures can help with male factor problem