IVF Egg donation rules and regulations in Cyprus

Cyprus is an unusual place. It is divided into North Cyprus on the Turkish side and South Cyprus on the Greek side. Because of that the legal status and the range of fertility offer may differ a little bit on both sides. The same is with costs. Quality of fertility services offered is comparable on the entire island and there are many great IVF clinics worth your trust.

As for regulations, alike in Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic, egg donation (and sperm donation as well) is allowed and fully anonymous. IVF with donor eggs is available to non-married couples, homosexual couples and single people. At the same time there is no central register of egg donors and recipients, and no association or other medical organization to control the number of egg donation procedures and success rates, etc. National Registry has been created by the Ministry of Health but there is no legal obligation to submit data.

Egg Donation Rules and Regulations - Cyprus

Although law is very liberal in Cyprus, there are some restrictions in terms of egg donation. An egg donor shouldn’t donate her oocytes more than 5 times in her lifetime. IVF clinics in Cyprus offer IVF with donor egg with no waiting time so international couples do not have to wait for their infertility treatment. The maximum age of an egg donor is 35 years old. Surrogacy is not allowed in North Cyprus.

The maximum age of international patients for IVF with donor eggs is 45 years old but some IVF centers in Cyprus may accept international patients at more advanced maternal age (46-47 years old).

A candidate for being an egg donor is thoroughly screened and the following diseases are ruled out:

  • Hepatitis B and C
  • HIV
  • syphilis
  • CMV and Rubella

Some IVF clinics in Cyprus might recommend doing karyotype test and other screening tests but it is not a standard.

International patients usually have access to some basic information about egg donors’ characteristics such as:

  • age
  • nationality
  • height
  • weight
  • blood type
  • skin colour
  • hair and eye colour
  • education
  • previous egg donation history

Do not expect pictures of egg donors as it isn’t allowed under the national law in Cyprus.

The maximum number of embryos allowed to be transferred during IVF and IVF with donated eggs is 3. Sex selection for both medical indications and for family balancing is allowed. If you are looking for family balancing option, Cyprus is a great destination to consider.

Cyprus fertility clinics offer various infertility treatments to international couples, including non-married, homosexual and single people who desire to become parents. This destination is an ideal solution particularly if you come from a country where there are stricter restrictions in the field of egg donation or IVF procedures.


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