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IVF failure using donor eggs: embryo quality, implantation problems and miscarriage #IVFWEBINARS

Why IVF with donor eggs fails sometimes? How many failed IVF attempts should be worrying? What is the solution for implantation problems and repeated miscarriage? If you wish to know the answers to these questions, join our upcoming webinar at 8pm London time, 21st August 2018. Register today so you do not miss the event. Use the button below.

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The webinar’s presenter will be dr Maria Arquè who is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive medicine. She has worked in a few renowned IVF clinics in Europe. Dr Arquè’s professional interests include preserving fertility for men and women, IVF and reproductive health research, fertility education for patients and the impact of lifestyle/diet on IVF with ICSI success rates. She has studied and worked in Ireland, did some of her training in reproductive medicine in the USA and is now an International Medical Director at Fertty International in Barcelona, Spain. Dr Maria is proficient in a few European languages: English, Italian, Spanish and Catalan. She knows basic French.

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dr Maria Arque

dr Maria Arque, Fertty International, Barcelona, Spain

All patients inspire me. Each of the patients I meet every day has a different background and a different approach towards their infertility diagnosis. I learn from all of them every day and I’m grateful for it. The biggest lesson I have learned from my patients is that resilience and perseverance are key if you want to succeed.

If you have had at least one failed IVF with donor eggs cycle or you are preparing for your first egg donation program, this webinar is exactly for you. Find out what to expect, what factors affect the program’s success or failure and what to look out for during preparations for your next egg donation cycle. Register today and save the date, 21st August 2018 at 8pm UK time. After her presentation, Dr Maria will be happy to answer your questions live during the webinar.

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