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IVF for women with low AMH levels: treatment options and IVF prognosis – #IVFWEBINAR

Watch the recording of the live webinar organized by Egg Donation Friends together with an online platform for IVF patients, whereIVF.com. The event was dedicated to the topic of “IVF for women with low AMH levels: treatment options and IVF prognosis.” WhereIVF.com has invited Dr. Valeria Sotelo Kahane from UR Vistahermosa Clinic, Spain to talk about your treatment options and chances if you have low AMH levels. The doctor also talked about infertility connected with low AMH levels and IVF prognosis for those patients. You may find the questions & answers transcription on whereivf.com >>>

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  1. Doctor Kahane, thank you for interesting webinar. I am 39, and my doctor says that my level of anti mullerian hormone is low to conceive naturally. Should I try IVF with my own eggs or go straight to IVF with donor eggs?

  2. I have studied the table that shows AMH levels by age. However, I am 29 and have 3 failed IVF-s ,and my neighbor is 46 and conceived naturally without any difficulties. I can’t understand this.

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