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IVF Refund Guarantee or Money Back programs in Europe. Pros, Cons, Costs and Risks at a glance. How to decide? #IVFWEBINARS

This #IVFWEBINARS will help you make the most clever choice about IVF Refund Guarantee or Money Back programs in Europe. We will host Dimitris Kavakas from Redia Ltd who will explain Pros, Cons, Costs and Risks at a glance and tell you everything you should know before you decide.
And what’s best, you will have a chance to ASK him any question you have. Register, don’t miss this opportunity to dispel doubts or see if this solution is for you. 

We’re LIVE ON AIR July 16 | Tuesday | 8 PM BST [GMT+1]

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IVF Refund Guarantee and IVF Money Back Guarantee programs are becoming more popular. These terms describe dedicated IVF programs giving the patient access to two or three IVF cycles for one payment. The cost depends on the program you choose, clinic and country. The program ends with the desired result which is either clinical pregnancy, live birth or the number of completed cycles. Partial or full refund is specified in advance and depends on the final outcome of the program.
What are the guarantees then? How to choose or even look for the program to find the one which will suit me best? What are the pros and cons of such solutions? Is this option more reasonable financially? Can everybody use these programs and are there any conditions which can exclude me from participation? These questions are only a beginning and appear with the first thought of the potential decision.

We value your privacy – please use a nickname or initials if you do not wish your name to be displayed in the chat section during the live event. The webinar presentation and the Q&A session will be recorded and posted on our website. If you miss the event live, you will be able to watch it on-demand on our page. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when the webinar recording is uploaded.
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About the Author

Dimitris Kavakas

Dimitris Kavakas

Dimitris Kavakas is an international business development consultant experienced in the fertility travel sector. He's CEO at Redia Ltd, based in London, which focuses on supporting fertility patients in their IVF journey. Dimitris runs IVFtravel.com which offers unique services including refund guarantee packages and instalment payment financing to better support IVF patients in travelling abroad for treatment.

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