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IVF Treatment Abroad. Are popular destinations in Europe safe enough? #IVFWEBINARS

Making decision about the treatment brings countless and endless questions. We know them well and moreover we know the answers which we want to share with you to save you the struggle.
Aleksander Wiecki answers those doubts talking about IVF Treatment Abroad  and  popular destinations in Europe as safe enough.

In the presentations you will find tips on:
• What to focus on when choosing country for IVF treatment?
• What about legal issues? What is the law in Spain, Czech Republic, North Cyprus, Greece, Ukraine, Poland, Russia or Latvia? How patients are cared for in these countries?
• Where can I find and how to look for information and statistics from specific countries regarding IVF treatment?
• What does ‘Best IVF Clinic’ really mean?
• What’s the most important choosing the clinic? What questions should I ask before I go for the treatment?
And a lot more in extensive Q&A session. 

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