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IVF and preimplantation genetic screening. Is it worth it? | #IVFWebinar.

Watch the recording of EggDonationFriends’ 8th webinar organized on 13th March 2018. The webinar attracted many fertility patients interested in preimplantation embryo testing and willing to learn more before they make important decisions about their treatment.

If you have a medical indication for IVF, you have probably started researching the topic of assisted reproduction technologies to be able to make better decisions about your future treatment. This knowledge comes in a package with the whole lot of new vocabulary, medical terms and acronyms like PGD or PGS testing. You may have also encountered the name Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) which has been recently used for both terms.

Due to enormous interest of patients in preimplantation genetic screening and IVF success rates after PGS, EggDonationFriends had decided to run a webinar to cover the above topic. We have invited dr. Joaquín Rueda, the Director of the Genetics Unit at Hospital UR Vistahermosa in Spain to talk on preimplantation embryo testing. Dr. Rueda is highly experienced in this matter and his team at the genetics unit is made up of experts who specialise in clinical genetics, cytogenetics and molecular genetics. Dr. Rueda is a physician himself, specialist in Clinical Genetics, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Alicante and the Scientific Director of the BioBank.

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Prof. Dr. Rueda

Check the clinic profile of PreGen which is Genetics Unit at the above mentioned Hospital UR Vistahermosa and employs highly specialized team of fertility doctors and embryologists. PreGen clinic has been in operation for over 30 years ago and possesses broad experience in the field of ART.

What is PGD genetic testing?

This type of testing is performed prior to embryo transfer. If you have a few embryos at your disposal, you would certainly want to use the healthiest of them. A healthy embryo will make a healthy baby. Thanks to PGD embryologists can select an embryo that has no known or suspected genetic problem. How does it work? PGD is a method to acquire information about the gene makeup of the embryo cells. PGD procedure is done through an embryo biopsy which removes approx. 3-8 cells from the blastocyst. At that time the embryo remains frozen.

Who is PGD screening for?

If you have a family history of serious genetic diseases or disease linked to certain sex, then genetic testing before IVF is definitely for you. Using PGD embryologists are also able to pinpoint the markers for specific single-gene diseases such as cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and sickle cell anaemia or show abnormal number of chromosomes. With PGD it is easy to select the embryos which are unaffected and most viable.

What is PGS?

On the other hand, PGS testing is used to establish the risk of aneuploidy (abnormal number of chromosomes). Properly developing embryo should contain 46 chromosomes. The test in carried out the same way as PGD, via a biopsy on embryo day 5. The euploid embryos which contain the right number of chromosomes are selected for uterine transfer.

What are the benefits of PGS IVF testing?

The risk to have an abnormal embryo is higher especially for older women. The problems with abnormal embryo may include failure to implant, miscarriage, biochemical pregnancy, late pregnancy foetal death, stillbirth or live birth of a baby with abnormalities.

Certainly, there are more issues connected with PGD and PGS testing and most of them were discussed in the webinar. Soon we will publish a full transcript of the Questions & Answers session. Stay tuned!



  1. My wife is 42 year of age suffering from rheumatoid arthritis is undergoing menopause from last two month is it possible now to have baby boy

    • Hi. Thank you for your message. We can help you with finding a clinic that offers sex selection/family balancing procedure. You can find such clinics in Cyprus, Ukraine or Russia.
      If you’d like to discuss any matters regarding IVF and different procedures like PGD/PGS you can contact our Patient Coordinator, Caroline, via the chat button at the bottom of the page. We have emailed you some more details as well.

  2. I am interested in doing ivf with a donor sperm
    I have not been seeing my period for over a year now since after I had a fibroid surgery. Is it possible please thanks

  3. I am shocked and ashamed to be a human being When people want to gender select. What is wrong with you??? Surely the most important thing is to have a healthy baby.
    Unless it is for genetic reasons that one needs to select the sex of a baby. Remember… if there were no females, there would be no human cycle.

    • Hi, Sue. Gender selection is banned in most countries and very few clinics do it actually. If you meant that PGD/PGS is used to select baby’s gender – it’s not. It is used to determine which embryos are healthy and will implant and later develop into a healthy baby. Watch the webinar to learn more about genetic testing.

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