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EggDonationFriends have teamed up with the best IVF specialists to provide you, the patients, content-rich live webinars on various topics related to infertility treatments, diagnostics and modern IVF technologies.

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Donor Conception Network UK

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All webinars are recorded and available to watch for free.

About #IVFWebinars

#IVFWebinars is the biggest online patient support project of this kind.

Its goal is to support infertility patients who are planning to undergo IVF or are in the process of IVF treatment.

All our webinars are packed with relevant knowledge and IVF facts straight from fertility experts. EggDonationFriends work with the best specialists in the field to provide you, the patients, the reliable information on various topics related to infertility treatments and solutions.

Each webinar is centred around one topic only and contains an expert’s presentation and Questions & Answers session where patients can ask questions live and get their answers.

The entire webinar content is published on our site in separate blog posts. You can watch all webinar recordings and read transcriptions of all Questions & Answers sessions – it’s free.

We focus on IVF and Donor Egg treatment, however, we go beyond that:

IVF diagnostics, genetic testing, surrogacy – our experts are happy to discuss any IVF related subject. How do we choose webinar topics? All of them are suggested by the users of our website.

Our Partners
Donor Conception Network UK


The Donor Conception Network’s vision is a society where a climate of openness and understanding about donor conception enables people considering it to make informed decisions and helps build families who are confident, accepted and have a secure identity.

The Donor Conception Network delivers high quality, non-judgemental and inclusive support and information to would-be and current parents and their children to enable them to navigate the often complex and individual journey of donor conception. We offer meetups around the UK and Ireland, UK conferences and a range of opportunities online and in-person to connect with others offering mutual peer support. We help parents in being open with their children and the wider community (as appropriate) and provide resources and services for people to consider the why, how and when of ‘telling’. With over 25 years’ experience we are experts in our field.

We are a pioneering parent-led and child-centred organisation and a trusted authority on the social and emotional aspects of building or expanding a family using donor conception. We are at the forefront of the donor conception movement, bringing our long experience and the voices of our members to inform professionals, practitioners and policy makers in the UK and worldwide.


The National Fertility Society provides information to the public on fertility through events and presentations on the various topics around fertility. Giving them the information needed to help them make informed decisions through the fertility/infertility process. We also provide links to specialist fertility counsellors within your area for one to one help. All of our counsellor members are registered with the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists or National Counselling Society and comply with their Code of Ethics and our own Professional Code of Ethics.


Fertility Clinics Abroad is a portal that provides all the information you need to find the best fertility clinic for you in Europe.

If you considering IVF treatment abroad, Fertility Clinics Abroad is a right place for you to start. They know, that finding the best clinic for your needs might be difficult, so they try to help you by creating informative articles and describing the clinics in a transparent way.  You can find there clinics which perform IVF techniques such as ICSI, IMSI or PGD and others, compare success rates and clinic’s experience with egg donation.

Nowadays, so many people are travelling abroad each year for IVF treatment. Mostly because the price of egg donation treatment in their home country is too high and the clinics there lack in experience. In Europe many countries have high success rates and the treatment is more affordable. Fertility Clinics Abroad help you find the right one.