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IVF with Donor Eggs and PGS diagnostics – success rates, costs vs. outcome & time frame

IVF with donor eggs with PGS – what is the correlation between the cost of the treatment, the outcome, the success rates, and time frame. Our expert, Dr. Natalia Szlarb is talking about PGS diagnostics with IVF with donor eggs and possible outcomes of various treatment options. If you are interested in the topic, watch the video above which is the recording of this live event and check the Q&A session for doctor’s answers to participants’ questions.

In 2018 Dr. Szlarb was a guest speaker during our webinar on “Process of IVF with donor oocytes abroad”. You can watch this webinar here.

The transcript of the Q&A session will be posted in three working days on our website here. Stay tuned for details.

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About the Author

Natalia Szlarb

Natalia Szlarb

Dr Natalia Szlarb is a Medical Director at IVF Spain, clinic in Alicante, Spain. She graduated from a medical university in Poland in 2002 and then has worked in gynaecology and obstetrics wards at several German hospitals. During her medical studies she also took part in international internships in Egypt, Brazil and Poland. In 2011 Dr Szlarb obtained her PhD diploma in Immunology in the United States of America. Since 2013 she has been involved with IVF Spain. She has extensive experience in IVF with donor eggs and is known by patients as a friendly and warm doctor.Dr. Szlarb speaks fluent English, Polish, German and Russian. In the EggDonationFriends’ webinar she was talking about the process every fertility patients needs to go through when undergoing IVF treatment using donor oocytes outside their home country, specifically in Spain. Dr Natalia Szlarb, as a medical specialist, explained how to prepare for such treatment and travel, what medical records or prescriptions are needed, how many appointments are usually required for different types of treatment and what the treatment milestones are.

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