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Miscarriages. How and where to look for solutions? #IVFWEBINARS

Miscarriage statistics leave no illusions. It happens more often than we think. At age 30, one in five pregnancies end in miscarriage. At age 42, it’s one in two. But when it happens to us we won’t think about the data, all the figures and coefficients. This moment is depressing enough and difficult to cope with. It’s extremely important to meet the best experts in the field who know what to do to in case of MISCARRIAGES. How and where to look for solutions?
It will be the subjects of our next meeting with Dr Natalia Szlarb, Medical Director at IVF Spain. In her presentation she will talk about this issue. And then she will answer your questions on the topic.

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We value your privacy – please use a nickname or initials if you do not wish your name to be displayed in the chat section during the live event. The webinar presentation and the Q&A session will be recorded and posted on our website. If you miss the event live, you will be able to watch it on-demand on our page. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when the webinar recording is uploaded.
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