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Will the baby look like me? Will the baby be healthy? Complete guide on phenotype matching and genetic inheritance #IVFWEBINARS

There are many difficult decisions when it comes to infertility treatment. IVF with donor eggs is the case. Facing this decision we forget about being a crucial cell in the whole process and that the recipient has a major influence on the development of the foetus. It’s parents who creates the world of the baby and it’s them the child will imitate – takes on their facial expressions, body language, and habits. But questions keep popping up like crazy and it can be tremendously emotional thinking about whole process and the outcome. 

So you start hesitate and wonder how it will be. Will the baby look like me? How is phenotype of egg donor and parents matched? Are there any guarantees that we will look alike and create a happy family? And what about genetic inheritance? Will the baby be healthy? How does the donor’s genes influence ours as the recipients? What procedures are demanded? Is there any additional techniques to minimize any risks?

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#IVFWEBINARS will help with the answers to all of these questions. Dr Stavros Natsis from GENNIMA IVF will be the one to explain it all presenting the topic  IVF with Donor Eggs – Will the baby look like me? Will the baby be healthy? Complete guide on phenotype matching and genetic inheritance.

Meet us LIVE ON AIR on Tuesday, August 27 | 8 PM GMT+1 / BST

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About the Author

Stavros Natsis

Obstetrician – Gynaecologist, Fertility Expert
Stavros Natsis

Dr Stavros Natsis is a fertility expert at Gennima IVF since 2017 and an associate of Dr Mantoudis, head fertility expert at Gennima IVF. He is especially interested in fertility preservation. Author of several clinical research papers. He performs monitoring scans and egg retrievals. International patients will meet Dr Natsis for their free Skype meeting and again when they come to Athens for their treatment.Dr Natsis' professional experience starts with Degree in Medicine by the University of Ioannina, MSc in High Risk Pregnancy by the University of Athens. Specialty in Obstetrics by the University of Athens. Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Oxford (Fetal Maternity Unit Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology – High Risk Pregnancy Unit). He is also UK-trained in Gynaecological Oncology and Fertility Preservation (Senior Fellow)A warm and caring doctor with a big smile on his face. Thorough and precise, hard-working and passionate when it comes to helping our patients become parents. Fluent in English, great in communication and happy to answer all your fertility questions.

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