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Repeated miscarriages in IVF techniques. When to perform additional tests and when to move on to egg donation? #IVFwebinars

Repeated miscarriage (also known as recurrent pregnancy loss) is defined when a woman has two or more consecutive, spontaneous miscarriages. It may happen starting from the time of conception until the 24th week of pregnancy and no difference if it’s natural or assisted conception.
Why does pregnancy loss happen? What test should be run and what additional techniques can be used to know the diagnosis? What are perspectives and solutions if miscarriages keep on happening to us? Should we try again or there’s no chance for success?

To know all of this we invite Dr Francisco Anaya Blanes from Pregen – Reproduction Unit in Clinica Vistahermosa who will cover the topic of Repeated miscarriages in IVF techniques. When to perform additional tests and when to move on to egg donation?

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The webinar will start with Doctor’s presentation and next Q&A session will take place, so all the questions to our expert are welcomed and will be answered one by one.

Miscarriage can be an extremely difficult experience to overcome. It’s devastating to have one and what to say if it happens one after another. It’s not only psychological trauma, but it has to have a hidden cause,  including hormonal and genetic problems, infections, cervical weakness or uterine problems.

Unfortunately, this is an extraordinarily complex matter and moreover often incomparable from case to case. The most important is to be consulted by experts specialised in that field. It’s not rare that repeated miscarriages have no identifiable cause which is difficult both for physicians and frustrating for patients. And even if it’s impossible to explain everything in the scope of miscarriages, we aim to provide you with a huge dose of knowledge which may help you in IVF treatment.

We value your privacy – please use a nickname or initials if you do not wish your name to be displayed in the chat section during the live event. The webinar presentation and the Q&A session will be recorded and posted on our website. If you miss the event live, you will be able to watch it on-demand on our page. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when the webinar recording is uploaded.
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About the Author

Francisco Anaya Blanes

Gynecologist of the Reproduction Unit of Clinica Vistahermosa
Francisco Anaya Blanes

Dr Francisco Anaya Blanes is experienced in the field of Gynecology and Obstetrics. Currently Director of the UR Hospital La Vega, Murcia & Gynecologist of the Reproduction Unit of Clinica Vistahermosa. Medical Doctor graduated from the University of Valencia (1993-1999). Specialist degree in Gynecology and Obstetrics (MIR) at the Hospital Clínico de Granada. Master in Breast Pathology and Senology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2003-2004).

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