Starting a family, sooner or later?

Starting a family, sooner or later? – Which is more expensive?

Most often our life does not go according to plan and the visions of our perfect life crumbles a bit or entirely on the reality of life. It would not be an exaggeration to say that most women have their lives envisioned and they know how they want it to go. It would also be safe to say most of us would want to graduate, find good work and meet that special someone with whom we want to spend our lives and make a family. But nothing is that easy, at least not for all of us.
Delaying setting up a family is staring to be a more common occurrence each year. There are two main reasons for that, firstly it might be the fact you did not find your perfect match or you just wanted to focus on different things like education and career.
Newest studies from the Centre of Economic and Business Research show that costs of raising one child in UK is an estimated 230,000 pounds which makes the families in UK resign from having a second child. The cost of raising a family in USA reaches the cost of about 250,000 dollars. As you can see this is a huge amount of money, however in a long run but still a small fortune for most people.
And that is of course the main reason for delaying the starting of a family. People, couples, women, they are all waiting for a better time to have a kid. We all want to “climb the ladder” and have a better position at work to give our kids a better start than we had ourselves. For some it is very hard to survive for themselves not mentioning a little toddler.
The paradox of waiting for better financial times is that in the end the “delay” could cost you a lot more. It is very probable that having a child later will make you dependent on expensive infertility treatments which is now a 3,5 billion dollars industry. Treatments like IVF with additional procedures is expensive and a lot of people which delayed starting a family end up taking loans to do the procedure! We all probably know by now that the insurance hardly ever covers anything in such treatments. Furthermore you might need more than one try or two…or even more and still have to remember it could not work.

Delaying is good?

However according to IVF Pioneer Robert Winston it is good to delay having a baby because older women had the time to gain skills which help them bring a lot of stability into the process of upbringing the child. Furthermore Robert Winston believes that women postponing motherhood are able to contribute more to society and also that these older women are more secure with their partners of which they are sure of.
Robert Winston also said “I am very unhappy about doctors pontificating about when the right time is to have a child. We should accept that society is changing and we should do more to support women who want to have children when they are older by making childcare more available to them”
So in the end we all have different lives and situations and in the end we should just choose what we think is the best for us. The future parents should follow their own desire on when they want to have children and not when the society thinks it is a good time.

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