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IVF failure and what’s next? #IVFWEBINAR

What happens when IVF cycle fails? What does it mean when IVF fails? Should I try again with donor eggs? And then what if egg donation cycle fails, what should I do next? What if I have a history of multiple IVF failure? How many cycles are enough? Are there any additional tests I can take? What questions to ask my doctor when IVF fails? And, finally, is there a chance I can become a mother after IVF failure?

These are the questions that many fertility patients ask – find out the answers in the webinar. Watch the recording above for the presentation of dr Ioannis Koutoulakis, a Consultant Gynecologist at fertility clinic Serum IVF in Athens, Greece. Dr Koutoulakis has experience with working with IVF patients with failed IVF cycles and is able to recommend other solutions.

IVF failure – what next?

What are the causes of implantation failure in IVF? What are the signs of IVF implantation failure? Serum IVF, the fertility clinic where dr Ioannis is a Consultant Gynecologist, has been treating patients since 1989 so the clinic’s doctors have gathered a wealth of experience on IVF with own eggs and implantation issues. Fertility experts at Serum IVF believe that egg donation can be the solution which maximizes the patients’ chance of having a baby regardless of their age.

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If you have had a minimum one failed IVF cycle or you are just preparing for your first hormonal stimulation, this webinar is for you. Soon we will publish the Questions & Answers transcription.


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