IVF Webinars

  • FREE webinar – reliable IVF courier and cryo shipping for IVF. How to choose a cryo shipping company?

    Watch the webinar video above to learn about methods of cryo shipping for IVF samples. If you are considering IVF […]

  • FREE webinar – surrogacy in Ukraine: how to start?

    On 23rd January 2018 EggDonationFriends held the fifth free webinar, this time on the topic of surrogacy in Ukraine: options, […]

  • FREE webinar – IVF with donor eggs: is it for me? Indications & good practices

    Watch the webinar recording from EggDonationFriends’ event held on 12th December 2017 – free webinar “IVF with donor eggs – […]

  • FREE webinar – day 3 or day 5 embryo transfer – what’s better?

    Watch the video above from the webinar organized by EggDonationFriends and presented by PreGen, fertility clinic from Spain, about 3 day […]

  • FREE webinar – IVF over 40 by Intersono IVF Clinic

    Watch the webinar recording above for full presentation on IVF with donor eggs for women over 40. We are glad you […]

  • FREE webinar – using fresh eggs vs frozen eggs for IVF

    The video above is the recording of the webinar EggDonationFriends and fertility experts from Assisting Nature held on 10th October 2017. The main […]