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Egg Donation abroad and IVF – costs, recommended clinics, and success rates

If you are considering undergoing IVF with own eggs or an IVF with donor eggs abroad, read our comprehensive guide on IVF abroad cost, packages and low-cost options. Get to know everything about legislation, costs of egg donation abroad, IVF success rates and IVF clinics’ certification.

Egg Donation and IVF abroad – popular destinations comparison

IVF CountryIVF age limitIVF own eggs cost – averageIVF donor eggs cost – averageEgg donors availabilityIVF treatment for single woman
Egg Donation and IVF Spain50
some clinics may accept older patients based on individual circumstances
€4,100 – €7,100€5,900-11,000Caucasian, Latino, African / Black, Arab, IndianAllowed
Egg Donation and IVF Portugal49 (+364 days)€4,000 – €6,800€6,000-8,000Caucasian, Scandinavian, Hispanic, Asian, AfricanAllowed
Egg Donation and IVF Czech Republic48 (+365 days)€2,700 – €5,700€4,500-8,000Caucasian, ScandinavianNot allowed
Egg Donation and IVF Greece50
some clinics may accept older patients based on individual circumstances
€3,200 – €6,200€5,000-8,000Caucasian, Latino, Indian, ArabAllowed
Egg Donation and IVF North Cyprus45 – 55
50-55 years if patients meet certain criteria and have undergone specific tests
€2,700 – €5,700€4,500-6,000Caucasian, African / Black, ArabAllowed
Egg Donation and IVF UkraineNo limit
not specified by legislation, decided by each clinic individually
€2,200 – €5,200€4,000-7,000Caucasian, AsianAllowed
Egg Donation and IVF Russia51
clinics may treat older woman at their own risk
€2,000 – €5,000€3,800-7,000Caucasian, Scandinavian, AsianAllowed
Egg Donation and IVF LatviaNo limit
not specified by legislation, decided by each clinic individually
€3,200 – €6,200€5,000-8,000Caucasian, ScandinavianAllowed

Featured IVF and Egg Donation Clinics
IVF Spain

IVF Spain

IVF-Spain truly knows what it takes to help women achieve their dreams of motherhood and performs over 1800 IVF cycles per year. With 3 clinics

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Reproclinic building


Reproclinic clinic is situated in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe, with stunning architecture and wondrous sites all around; you

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Egg Donation and IVF abroad – all you need to know

IVF success rates explained

How to find an IVF clinic abroad?

We use our extensive experience to help patients who need IVF own eggs or egg donation abroad and provide you with a set of unique tools which will make the whole process of finding a solution to your fertility problems a lot easier. These include:

  • IVF ABROAD – Patient’s Guide – comprehensive IVF countries comparison including IVF with donor eggs law, restrictions, costs, success rates and more.
  • Our innovative Clinic Matching Test which enables you to identify donor eggs clinics who can address your specific requirements.
  • Unique content which allows you to comprehend and understand the complete IVF and IVF donor egg treatment process including the risks and benefits associated with it.

IVF with donor eggs abroad – help and support

The decision to undergo any form of fertility treatment abroad can be traumatic, confusing, upsetting and expensive. When you add in the array of treatments available in different IVF clinics, in different countries it is no wonder that so many couples and individuals experience complete bewilderment.

There are so many basic elements to consider once you are faced with the necessity to undergo fertility treatment to satisfy your dream of having a baby. From wondering which IVF clinic or Egg Donation Programme is the best one to coming to terms with a whole new set of medical terms and IVF procedures such as PGS, PGD, ICSI, Blastocyst Culture amongst others.

Confused? You are not alone. Fertility treatment is an evolving science and one which is managed by individuals with considerable experience in fertility education, health promotion and medical intervention. We will help and guide you through key themes associated with fertility issues such as the availability of effective egg donation programmes abroad; the prevalance and reasons behind miscarriage, embryo implantation problems, embryo and oocyte quality.

Once you have learnt more about terms, treatments and associated issues you will be in a better place to consider the wide range of options available to you. Equipped with information and understanding we help you find the most appropriate, most skilled and experienced IVF clinics and professionals in Europe. 

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