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Scandinavia AVA Peter Clinic

Saint-Petersburg, , Russia
Egg donation cost: from €4790
Egg donor availability: Caucasian, Scandinavian +1 more
Sperm donation cost: from €350

IVF Refund Program:
IVF Money Back Guarantee Package

IVF Refund Program With Donor Eggs : 14990 EUR


Pregnancy week: 9 week

Refund percentage: 50%


IVF Egg Donation in Russia

For those international patients who seek top-notch medical care and assisted reproduction procedures at a low cost, Russia is the best choice. There are over 100 IVF centres in Russia, but the best infertility clinics, that have broad experience in the field of IVF and egg donation, are situated in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Leading Russian IVF centres, that are equipped with state of the art laboratories and are internationally certified (e.g. ESHRE), offer a large database of young (17-34) and healthy egg donors. To be qualified for the egg donation program egg donors have to successfully complete a detailed and thorough medical screening.  In most cases an egg donor has to provide the medical history of herself and her family, and undergo the following medical examinations:

  • general (including blood test, ultrasound scanning)
  • testing for ovarian reserve and infections
  • toxicology test
  • karyotyping

Additionally, a few leading infertility centres in Moscow qualify an egg donor only if she passes an examination from a general practitioner, gynecologist, geneticist and psychiatrist.

Under the law of the Russian Federation, egg donation is legal, and patient’s age is not restricted.

The cost of IVF in Moscow is extremely attractive, and starts from 2200 Euros (with own eggs), 3800 Euros (egg donation using fresh eggs of anonymous donor) and from 4500 Euros (known egg donor)

So if you dream about having a child, IVF or egg donation in Russia is most certainly worth considering.

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Looking for "best" IVF clinic abroad?
We analyse your needs, egg donor availability, destination preferences and find top IVF Clinics for you.