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Assisting Nature Clinic building

Egg Donation Exclusive Package
- Assisting Nature

Thessaloniki / Greece

Why choose Asssisting Nature?

Although childbearing seems a very simple reproduction process, one out of six couples faces difficulties conceiving naturally. At this point, the team of Assisting Nature intervenes by initially seeking the cause of the problem. The appropriate treatment is provided where possible, otherwise every contemporary method of assisted reproduction is implemented. Methods vary from IUI, NC, and ICSI to more sophisticated methods such as IMSI, time-lapse embryo-culture, blastocyst culture, micro-TESE and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).
Utmost expertise and professionalism are our strengths. The scientific team of Assisting Nature, the gynecologists, obstetricians, embryologists, geneticists, and other medical practitioners, have worked at the most reputable universities internationally and are distinguished members of the global reproductive medical community.
With us you will realize that infertility does not mean sterility and you will soon embrace parenthood.

Programme restrictions and qualification criteria

Programme benefits

  • Exclusive donor – All eggs from the donor.
    All oocytes are guaranteed from an exclusive donor.
  • Min. 4 blastocysts guaranteed.
    Patients are guaranteed minimum four blastocysts (in case of normal sperm quality).
  • Freezing & storage.
    Freezing and 1-year storage are guaranteed in the program.
  • No waiting list.

Egg Donation Programme

at Assisting Nature
  • Consultations with a fertility specialist
  • Sperm washing & sperm freezing
  • ICSI, Blastocyst culture, IMSI, AH
  • Embryo transfer
  • Vitrification of remaining embryos & 1 year storage

Costs of services not included in the program

  • Medication for endometrial preparation TBC
  • Ultrasound scans & mandatory screening tests TBC
  • MIRI time-lapse incubator TBC
  • FET - frozen embryo transfer TBC

    FET during the following cycle if the first cycle failed and there are frozen embryos left

Optional procedures

  • Annual storage expenses (embryo banking) TBC
  • Donor sperm (if required) TBC
  • Intralipid infusion and B-hcg Ovitrelle TBC
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Looking for "best" IVF clinic abroad?
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