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Egg Donation at Assisting Nature
Why choose us?
Our clinic has an operating model supporting all patients individually via a monitoring group that has allows a strong relationship between the staff and patients. Our goal is to be on the frontline of the world’s best IVF practices. Our state-of-the-art Embryological Laboratory operates in class I Clean Room environment using IVF Witnessing for all procedures. Quality control within the laboratory strictly adheres to ISO standards and laboratory parameters are controlled daily. Monitoring and alarm systems guarantee uninterrupted optimal conditions for embryos. Τime-lapse incubators are used to optimise selection of embryos that can lead to pregnancy. Our strategies and aims are:
• hysteroscopy for all reproductive patients,
• reaching reliable diagnosis,
• PGT for embryo transfer of euploid embryos,
• embryo incubation + blastocyst transfer (avoiding hyper stimulation syndrome).

Expected pregnancy success rates (cumulative)

Assisting Nature pregnancy cumulative success rate

The success of our clinic is measured in smiles! The consistency and excellent work of our experienced staff result in an extremely high percentage of successful fertilisation and births. The cumulative pregnancy rate at Assisting Nature is 70%.


All eggs from the donor

All oocytes are guaranteed from an exclusive donor.

Exclusive donor

Patients are guaranteed an exclusive egg donor.

Freezing & storage

Freezing and 1-year storage are guaranteed in the program.

Min. 4 blastocysts

Patients are guaranteed minimum four blastocysts (in case of normal sperm quality).

Included in package

  • Consultations with a fertility specialist

  • Donor screening tests

  • Donor ultrasound scans

  • Sperm washing & sperm freezing

  • Blastocyst culture

  • Embryo transfer

  • Exclusive donor

  • Donor medication

  • Donor egg collection


  • Assisted Hatching (AHA)

  • Freezing and 1st year storage expenses covered

Not included & optional procedures

Not included in program

  • Medication for endometrial preparation,
  • Ultrasound scans & mandatory screening tests,
  • MIRI time-lapse incubator

Optional procedures

  • Annual storage expenses,
  • Donor sperm (if required),
  • Preimplantation Genetic Test (PGS/PGD),
  • Subsequent frozen embryo transfer with surplus embryos,
  • Intralipid infusion and B-hcg Ovitrelle

The clinic was recommended to us by friends, they said: “just call them – you will definitely be satisfied”. The first conversation with Dr. Najdecki made it all clear. We visited the clinic two more times, Apostolis, the clinic’s taxi driver was always on time. The test results always came the same afternoon via e-mail with detailed explanation and prescription schedule. Every morning I received an email with a special assessment and photos of the embryos, SMS from my dedicated midwife Fei and finally, Evi, the chief embryologist, called and informed us that we had four wonderful blastocysts, “come tomorrow for the transfer” she said. Everything was perfectly organised. I have been to many clinics but I have never seen such a perfect environment. In addition to your great infrastructure, it was your warm, convincing, professional team of people who made us feel like we were the most important.

Dorota and Rafał from Wrocław, Poland, May 2017

Dear Assisting Nature Team,
we would like to express our gratitude for your valuable contribution to the birth of our twin boys. From our first meeting and throughout our effort we felt you were our own people since you inspired confidence. In addition to your excellent scientific training, you have always shown real interest and personal concern to us to give the best possible solution to our problem, as you did it! The ultramodern environment of the clinic, combined with your excellent collaborators and support staff, won our appreciation and filled us with optimism by approaching us friendly and humane in our every visit. All your team is like a strong chain of interconnected links under your uninterrupted supervision. We wish you to be always well and continue to give joy to all the lucky patients!

M. & E.M. 15/01/2019

About Assisting Nature

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Although childbearing seems a very simple reproduction process, one out of six couples faces difficulties conceiving naturally. At this point, the team of Assisting Nature intervenes by initially seeking the cause of the problem. The appropriate treatment is provided where possible, otherwise every contemporary method of assisted reproduction is implemented. Methods vary from IUI, NC, and ICSI to more sophisticated methods such as IMSI, time-lapse embryo-culture, blastocyst culture, micro-TESE and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).
Utmost expertise and professionalism are our strengths. The scientific team of Assisting Nature, the gynecologists, obstetricians, embryologists, geneticists, and other medical practitioners, have worked at the most reputable universities internationally and are distinguished members of the global reproductive medical community.
With us you will realize that infertility does not mean sterility and you will soon embrace parenthood.

Egg Donation Exclusive Package
EUR 8,500
  • all eggs from an exclusive donor
  • min. 4 blastocysts