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IVF at 50 – Best IVF Clinics and Countries

IVF over 50

From the age of around 30, egg quality, the main determinant of achieving pregnancy, begins to decline and by the time a woman reaches 50, it is near impossible to get pregnant naturally. Whilst many countries and treatment providers impose a strict legal age limit for those women seeking fertility treatments, IVF at 50 is not an impossibility. This article examines the pros and cons of IVF for older mothers including success rates, pregnancy risks, and treatment options.

IVF over 50 – is it possible?

Scientific and medical advancements attempt to make the impossible achievable and it is no different with fertility treatments. Being 50 and pregnant is certainly not common but it is naturally possible in an exceptionally small number of cases and fertility experts, with increasingly sophisticated and successful fertility treatments at their disposal mean that IVF at 50 or older is no longer impossible. There are obviously a number of pregnancy risks which come with IVF with older mothers which we discuss later in this article but for many women who have not found a partner or delayed a pregnancy because of career motives, it is now possible to find a fertility clinic who will offer you IVF treatment.

Can a 50-year-old woman get pregnant naturally?

Every woman is born with a finite number of eggs and through the natural processes of ovulation and ageing this number steadily decreases over time which in turn impacts our fertility. The ability of the ovaries to maintain their reproductive potential is also affected by genetic abnormalities, injury or some medical treatments. Therefore, the ability of a 50-year-old patient to achieve a natural pregnancy is reliant on a number of factors including general health conditions. It is, however, possible for a healthy 50-year-old patient who hasn’t reached menopause to get pregnant naturally, in principle.

IVF over 50 – everything you need to know

For many, the benefits of having a child at a more advanced age outweigh any associated health problems. At 50, you may well be more financially stable, you might have achieved your personal and career goals and be ready psychologically and practically to start a family. Equally, you may have met a partner later in life. The reasons for considering a later pregnancy are numerous.

What are those pregnancy risks associated with advanced age? Well, to mention a few, there are risks of high blood pressure leading to preeclampsia, diabetes and a raised incidence of miscarriage. In addition, the later in life you have a baby, there is a higher risk of them experiencing birth defects, learning disabilities, low birth weight and chromosome related conditions like Down syndrome.

A natural pregnancy in your 50s is therefore possible in a very small number of cases depending upon your health (physical and psychological) but there are both positive and negative considerations to take into account.

IVF over 50 Clinics List

IVF at 50 with own eggs

Achieving a successful pregnancy with IVF at 50 with own eggs is extremely challenging; in fact, many professionals would argue that a conservative success rate would stand at around 1%. Whilst age is a very important contributory factor to success rates it should be remembered that each patient is different. Success will not only depend upon the individual health of the patient but the experience and skill of the medical and scientific teams responsible for the treatment as well as the technology employed. If you are considering the possibility of IVF at 50 you should seek independent advice from a fertility specialist and undertake health screenings before committing to treatment.

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IVF at 50 with own eggs – best clinics and costs

In some countries, there is a strict legal age limit for patients receiving fertility treatment. For instance, in Greece, the law states that IVF for older women is limited to those up until the age of 54 and women aged 50-54 require additional qualification. Other countries offer the same guidance but this is not backed by specific legislation. In the UK, for instance, private clinics will consider treatment on an individual basis but are very explicit in explaining that success rates using your own eggs are very low at the age of 50.

There are a limited number of countries that will treat women aged 50 and over using their own eggs and these include North Cyprus, Latvia, Russia and the United States. Within these countries, the official line is that whilst it is not advisable to offer treatments to all women over 50 there is some flexibility within the system which allows clinics to make clinical decisions based on an individual patient basis.

The cost of treatment is not age-dependent per se but many clinics will recommend additional health screenings and hormone testing for patients in their 50s to rule out potential health problems associated with IVF for older mothers. These additional tests come at a price and bearing in mind the low success rates for IVF for women over 50 using their own eggs it is likely that you will require a number of cycles. The result, therefore, is IVF treatment for those women over 50 wanting to use their own eggs can be an expensive process.

As a rule of thumb those countries mentioned in this section offer IVF treatments that are lower in price than the average offered in Central Europe or the UK with the exception of the United States where prices are considerably higher.

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IVF over 50 with donor eggs

Many professional bodies including the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommend that clinics should only treat ‘healthy’ women over the age of 50. However what constitutes ‘healthy’ appears to be up for discussion (does it take into account, BMI, cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, or hypertension for instance) so clinics appear to have to use their discretion on an individual basis.

IVF donor egg success rates are much higher than treatments using the eggs of patients in their 50s. Medical and scientific consensus suggests that rates jump from an average of 1% when using own eggs to approximately 60% when donor eggs are used.

As IVF treatment for those in their 50’s is not strictly (legally) prohibited in the majority of countries there is the possibility of accessing donor treatment in a number of countries as long as the clinics are satisfied with your physical and mental health – some clinics, for instance, will recommend counselling to sit alongside any donor treatment you seek.

The advice for any woman over the age of 50 who wants to undergo IVF with donor eggs is to seek advice early and where possible obtain a general health check prior to contacting clinics.

IVF over 50 Clinics List

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IVF over 50 with donor eggs – best clinics and costs

There are a number of countries that explicitly say that they will consider treating women over 50 when using donor eggs. These countries include Greece, North Cyprus, Latvia, Russia and the United States whilst in others individual clinics will have their own policies and practices like the UK. It is recommended therefore that you spend some time seeking independent advice or contacting clinics in a number of countries to evaluate your options.

Actual treatment costs associated with the use of donor eggs are the same regardless of age but you may be required to undergo additional health screenings or tests to rule out any health problems.

Many types of treatment attract various ‘guarantee programmes’ and ‘refund’’ schemes which offer financial help with the cost. However, these schemes operate strict eligibility criteria and it is very likely that due to the lower success rates achieved by IVF for older patients these will be inaccessible.

IVF over 50 with donor embryos or/and sperm

There are both embryo and sperm donation programmes offered across the majority of European countries with certain exceptions such as Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. Access is dependent upon country legislation, donor availability, the extent of consent originally given by the donor and individual clinic policy.

If you are considering this route for treatment you will also need to be mindful of different countries’ attitudes to treatment based on a patient’s relationship status. For instance, in countries such as the UK, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and North Cyprus this is not relevant but others like Poland and the Czech Republic do not offer embryo donation programmes to single women or to couples in the same sex relationship, regardless of age.

Success rates for treatments using donor embryos or/and sperm are amongst the highest available. The caveat based on age however still applies – when searching for treatment options check to see what criteria clinics assess whether patients are sufficiently ‘healthy’ to undergo treatment if they are in their 50s.

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IVF over 50 with donor embryos – best clinics and costs

Prices for donor embryo treatment vary considerably so do your research if you are considering this route. It is certainly an option in a number of countries where there is some flexibility regarding treatment eligibility. Remember also that some countries offer donor anonymity whilst others do not (including Austria, Croatia, Finland, Malta and the U.K.).

As stated previously, as a 50-year-old patient you won’t be able to access many ‘pregnancy guarantee’ programmes as these are primarily aimed at younger patients. Many individual clinics, however, do offer bespoke treatment packages so it is an idea to check before you commit to a specific treatment pathway.

Costs for donor embryo treatment in Europe vary between 1,400 Euros (e.g., Czech Republic) to countries like Spain where treatments can cost up to 3,500 Euros.

IVF over 50 best clinics

IVF Clinic for Patients over 50CountryMaximum woman's age allowed for IVFGoogle Review
Dunya IVF Center
North Cyprusup to 55 years oldWe cannot recommend Dunya IVF Highly enough. Dr Berk is just amazing and is my absolute Hero! after only one round of IVF I am now 16 weeks pregnant he has made our dream come true and will never be able to thank him enough. Also Harriette the UK Co-ordinator was brilliant and couldn't do enough for us and always there to answer any questions day or night, Harriette is a real credit to the company. Dunya IVF are very professional and also caring at the same time. Thank you everyone at Dunya... Claire & Frank x
---claire flannigan
Cyprus IVF Hospital
North Cyprusup to 55 years oldI highly recommend the wonderful team at Cyprus IVF. They are leaders in the field of IVF led by Dr Serap, and know what they are doing. Personally I have had a wonderful experience with them. I live in Australia and it was very straightforward to organize treatment from abroad. I found them to be very helpful and forthcoming with information, always ready with answers to my numerous questions. Aman was excellent to deal with and in constant contact with me all the time. When I finally arrived for my treatment, the team took care of us from the moment we landed, with friendly and personable drivers who picked us up and took us to each appointment. We experienced true end to end management with flawless organization that made us always feel like a priority - we never had to wait for anything, their timing is precise! They also helped us plan a good holiday while we were in between appointments, so that we could enjoy Cyprus while we were there. I feel like the team went above and beyond their job, and were personally invested in our success and this is what makes them stand out. And I am now 30 weeks pregnant… Cyprus IVF, thank you for everything!
--- Valerie Lim
Clinic EGV
Latviaup to 55 years oldVery professional staff and modern equipment. Kind and positive attitude. Many thanks to the whole team!
---Kitija Jerlovica
emBIO Medical Center
Greeceup to 54 years oldBest decision we made was to work with the incredible Dr. Thanos Paraschos & the wonderful team at the Embio fertility clinic! We’ve had a very long journey and they made this experience easy & so enjoyable! I cannot recommend Dr. Thanos Paraschos enough and my husband and I couldn’t be happier with their service and tremendous care and phenomenal bedside manner! They made us feel right at home while we traveled all the way from Colorado, USA. Our coordinator Sevi Lama was truly wonderful, beyond attentive and just amazing!!

The entire Embio team holds a special place in my heart and I’ll never forget this precious time spent with them.

This memory will be one that I cherish & look back on with delight. Thank you again to Dr. Paraschos, Sevi Lama and the lovely Embio team, I’m lucky to have had this next chapter be such a great one🤍 I wish I could take you all back with me.
--- Vasiliki Les
Pelargos IVF Medical Group
Greeceup to 54 years oldIve been looking forward to writing this review because it was someone else's review that had helped me in making this very important decision. I am 47 years old.. I had been suffering with infertility for years and had spoken to other doctors and fertility clinics, but I started thinking it was hopeless. Being from the United States, I could never afford what it costs for treatment here and any insurance would discriminate due to my age. So I started searching for help online. It was exciting to see that Greece was a top destination for IVF because I had always dreamed of going there. As far as choosing a clinic, there were so many of them so how do I choose? I took many meetings with possible doctors and after reading another 47 yr old's review and speaking with Dr Harry, it became very clear he was the doctor for me. He is very straightforward.. I like that. He is very honest, compassionate and dedicated. I could message him at any time day or night and he would get right back to me.. This is something you will never find in the US.. So I was very impressed with this. I flew to Greece from Boston 3x..the first time was to retrieve eggs but they were not the best quality. We discussed my options and decided after a long heartfelt talk that egg donation would be the best option for me. The second trip my fiance and I went back and transferred one embryo. I did become pregnant, but suffered a miscarriage after getting COVID on my flight home. Dr Harry didn't give up.. We had a 3rd trip and transferred 2 embryos a couple of months later. I would have gone back a 4th time if I had to because I still knew I was in the best hands.. But it wasnt necessary because I had become pregnant and It was and still is so surreal.. I am now the proud Mom of a beautiful baby girl! I used to read these things wondering would that ever be me.. I'm here to tell you that if you can relate to any of this you're in the right place. Thanks to Dr Harry Karpouzis and his midwife Vasiliki, who was also there for us every step of this journey, our experience was a dream come true ..Ευχαριστώ🙏💗
--- Allison I.
Assisting Nature – Human Reproduction & Genetics
Greeceup to 54 years oldWe highly recommend Assisting Nature to everyone. The team are amazing, they are very professional, caring and made our journey stress free and enjoyable. The knowledge and information we received every step of the way was fantastic. We came from Australia for egg donation and treatment. The treatment we received through Assisting Nature is above and beyond the treatment you get in Australia.
--- Cheryl McDougall
Newlife IVF Greece
Greeceup to 54 years oldMy husband and I went for our first IVF transfer back in Feb 2024 and honestly, we’ve had such a great experience from start to finish. They were extremely informative, and really walked us through each step careful. When we got to Thessaloniki, Dora gave us some books to tour around with. They did everything they could to make things as fun as possible and bring down the stress. Fast forward, our transfer was complete and I stayed in great communication with Dora and then finally received a positive pregnancy.

Here is the part that really showed me this clinic cares for you as a HUMAN and not just as a number. I ended up having a bleed at 5 weeks, and my Doctor here in Canada but me in panic, telling me the worse! I emailed Newlife, knowing it was 10 pm their time and that I probably wouldn’t hear until later. I end up getting a call from Dora (again 10 pm their time), telling me to calm down, that this is alright and can be expected to happen in early pregnancies. If she hadn’t called me, I would have been torturing myself with the worse case scenario. After some tests and an ultrasound she was right! Baby was ok and its little heart was beating away.

Thank you to the whole team at Newlife! I highly recommend coming here. I travelled from western Canada.
--- Jennalee Arsenault
ISIDA Clinic
Ukraineup to 52 years oldMy husband and I, we would like to express our gratitude to all ISIDA specialists! It definitely was a fate that we came to Ukraine! After 3 years of unsuccessful treatment in different clinics we completely lost hope of having our own child. Nevertheless, doctors in ISIDA clinic helped us to select a suitable donor, and we started treatment in a short period of time. Thanks God after the first try we found out that I got pregnant. That was a miracle! We are so grateful to ISIDA for our daughter!
---Anita Abolina
Instituto Bernabeu
Alicante, Madrid
Spainup to 51 years oldI can’t praise this place enough. All the staff were very professional and caring and after 3 unsuccessful attempts of IVF in the U.K. on our 4th cycle we now have beautiful baby twin girls. They are the light of our lives! We used donor eggs due to my age (40s) but I would recommend them whatever treatment you have. They rigorously test any issues you may have and ensure that you are in the best of health to maximise your chances of conceiving. I found the service to be of high quality and I felt comfortable throughout the whole process particularly as you are assigned a rep that sees you all the way through with care and sensitivity, answers any questions you have and genuinely roots for you. Thanks particularly to Virginia A and Dr Cirillo but the operating staff, embryologists and donor egg dept were amazing too! Thank you!
---Angel Rose. Hay
Institut Marquès
Spainup to 51 years oldThanks to this Institute, to the professionalism, understanding and humanity of Dr. Milani and all the staff who followed us, we were able to realize our greatest dream.
---Luisa Lapis
Reproduction Center Parens-Ukraine
Ukraineup to 51 years oldI did a lot of research about IVF in Ukraine and I was looking for personalized clinic with good success rates where I would feel confidence and warmth. And I did. I highly recommend Parens Ukraine clinic for people who seek IVF with egg donation! I had multiple failed IVF in US and it was absolutely worth to come over and undergo procedure! Huge thanks for your highly professional help and personal care, now I am pregnant and wait for miracle happen next month. Rachel and Patrick New Jersey
---Rachel Feldman
IVF clinics for patients over 50, Source: EggDonationFriends.com, Google Business Reviews
Last updated: March, 2024
IVF over 50 Clinics List

IVF at 50 – Summary

The number of women looking to have a baby at the age of 50 and older is on the increase. According to data released by the Office For National Statistics in the UK the number of patients who were aged 50 plus quadrupled in the first two decades of this century.

There may be obstacles that older IVF patients have to overcome but these are not insurmountable. There are many fertility clinics offering treatment options available to older patients in different countries. Whilst IVF at 50 with own eggs is extremely difficult to succeed the use of donor eggs or donor embryos significantly increases pregnancy rates.

50 and pregnant is no longer unachievable – a route to parenthood in your 50s is now a realistic option.

IVF at 50 – FAQ

Can a 50-year-old woman get pregnant with own eggs?

Yes, but the chances are extremely slim. Chances will depend on a number of factors including general health and her ability to produce viable eggs. Age is important for predicting success rates but it is not the sole factor in achieving a pregnancy at the age of 50.

What are IVF success rates in 50-year-old women?

A common assumption used is that there is a 1% chance of success for women undergoing IVF at 50 using their own eggs which rises to around 60% when having treatment with donor egg.

What are the best IVF clinics in Europe and the world for over 50?

There is not a specific league table for clinics specializing in treating older patients. The best clinics are those which consistently offer good success rates across different age ranges and treatments. Prior to committing to a treatment plan and clinic, however, ask about their specific experience in treating older patients and their success rates with this group.

Can a menopausal woman have IVF?

The short answer is yes. Once you finally have your last period you can’t get pregnant naturally but you can undergo IVF with donated eggs or eggs you have personally donated and that have been frozen.

What is the maximum age for IVF in the UK?

There is no specific legal upper age limit for women patients although the NHS will generally only fund treatment for patients aged up to 42. Private clinics have the discretion to treat older patients as long as they are deemed healthy to undergo IVF treatment.

Where can I find BMI calculator?

There are a number of websites offering free access to a BMI calculator. English language versions include https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-weight/bmi-calculator/

Is 49 too old for IVF?

49 is not too old for IVF but your treatment options and destinations might be restricted. Potential success rates will be reduced if you want IVF treatment using your own eggs but the use of donor eggs or embryo will significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant.

What is the oldest you can have IVF?

There are reports of women having IVF treatments in their 60s and very occasionally, 70’s but this is rare – it is increasingly common for women in their 40s to have successful IVF treatments and women in their early 50s appear to be achieving pregnancy in larger numbers.

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