IVF abroad - popularity, costs and success rates

Choosing an IVF clinic abroad

As overseas patients constitute even up to 50% of all patients in European clinics, doctors are fully fluent in English and the standard of customer service is high. Clinics will often offer a range of services including airport transfers, online consultations and emergency contact.

IVF abroad – country popularity

Before you choose an IVF clinic abroad – we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the legal provisions, restrictions, average IVF costs in individual countries. We have prepared IVF country-based comprehensive guide for destinations shown below:

IVF CountryIVF age limitIVF own eggs cost – averageIVF donor eggs cost – averageEgg donors availabilityIVF treatment for single woman
Egg Donation and IVF Spain50
some clinics may accept older patients based on individual circumstances
€4,100 – €7,100€5,900-11,000Caucasian, Latino, African / Black, Arab, IndianAllowed
Egg Donation and IVF Portugal49 (+364 days)€4,000 – €6,800€6,000-8,000Caucasian, Scandinavian, Hispanic, Asian, AfricanAllowed
Egg Donation and IVF Czech Republic48 (+365 days)€2,700 – €5,700€4,500-8,000Caucasian, ScandinavianNot allowed
Egg Donation and IVF Greece50
some clinics may accept older patients based on individual circumstances
€3,200 – €6,200€5,000-8,000Caucasian, Latino, Indian, ArabAllowed
Egg Donation and IVF North Cyprus45 – 55
50-55 years if patients meet certain criteria and have undergone specific tests
€2,700 – €5,700€4,500-6,000Caucasian, African / Black, ArabAllowed
Egg Donation and IVF UkraineNo limit
not specified by legislation, decided by each clinic individually
€2,200 – €5,200€4,000-7,000Caucasian, AsianAllowed
Egg Donation and IVF Russia51
clinics may treat older woman at their own risk
€2,000 – €5,000€3,800-7,000Caucasian, Scandinavian, AsianAllowed
Egg Donation and IVF LatviaNo limit
not specified by legislation, decided by each clinic individually
€3,200 – €6,200€5,000-8,000Caucasian, ScandinavianAllowed

The countries shown above are very popular among patients looking for any kind of the IVF treatment abroad.

What are the reasons patients decide for IVF abroad? 

  • The reasons may vary as per patients’ needs and home country.
  • Some of patients decide to go abroad because of the budget
  • or limited availability of the treatment
  • or better  treatment options abroad (e.g. egg donor availability)
  • or better IVF treatment quality.

The average cost of IVF and egg donation in Europe

The cost of IVF treatment across Europe (in popular IVF destinations) is more favorable when compared to the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Australia, USA and other countries. In Poland, IVF won eggs starts at €2,500 while egg donation costs start at circa €4,500 per donor egg cycle. The most expensive country included on the list is Spain where IVF own eggs treatment averages at just over €4,500 and egg donation cycle starts at €6,500.  International patients in the USA pay around €25,000 for the egg donation treatment and around €18,000 per IVF with own eggs. While there may be additional costs, the average price per cycle tends to be lower. Some clinics offer a guaranteed number of oocytes and/or blastocyst stage embryos, although it needs to be remarked that it’s the quality which matters over quantity. Some clinics offer IVF refund programs which mean “money-back guarantee” in case of a failure.

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