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Complete Egg Donation Guide for Patients

The one and only complete guide for Patients who are considering egg donation treatment!

In this section, you will find a guide that will take you through each and every aspect of IVF with donor eggs and all the additional procedures. You will learn what IVF with egg donation really is, how to prepare for it, how much will it cost, how and which donor to choose, which country would be the best and most importantly you will be able to make a more conscious decision on which clinic is the best for YOU!

The amount of information needed to be learned when looking for an IVF egg donation clinic abroad can be overwhelming for every patient. All the methods concerning different procedures, prices, legal aspects, ethical dilemmas and success rates would give anybody a headache. Not even mentioning that it can all look different when looking for a clinic abroad.

Egg donation history

Egg donation cycle means that one woman (donor) gives her eggs to another (recipient) to help her get pregnant and have a baby. The entire process assume egg donor taking medications that stimulate her ovaries to produce multiple eggs over a single cycle. When her body is ready, cells are

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Ethical dilemmas concerning IVF egg donation

There is no doubt that egg donation has made parenthood possible for many couples that otherwise could not have children. Bringing a child’s smile and laughter into the houses of people who dreamed of offspring but lacked the physical possibilities because of infertility is a breakthrough in medicine. All this

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Advantages of IVF egg donation

Egg donation gives you a chance to conceive if you are not able to produce healthy eggs yourself. It’s fast, it has a high success rate and has the minimum risk for any genetic complications. It is still the best option for women over 40 who tried IVF and other

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Risks and complications of IVF egg donation

Before one decides to become an egg donor there are issues to consider related to the physical, psychological and emotional health. Although most of the medical donations are associated with some hazards – even donating blood could be dangerous if not done in proper conditions – egg donation process and

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Do I need a psychologist consultation for IVF with donor eggs?

Before undergoing treatment with the use of egg donation it is recommended to have a consultation with a counsellor specialized in dealing with infertility sadness, anxiety or depression. Egg donation is a highly successful treatment, but it often involves taking hormones, depression over infertility and a roller-coaster of emotions. The whole

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When IVF with donor eggs fails, what next?

Although nowadays clinics all over the world communicate their high success rates, you have to remember that the treatment sometimes fails. When that happens you should think about taking some time to regenerate physically and emotionally. There is life after IVF. Before you decide what to do next, take these

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IVF Egg donation legal aspects

It is understandable that all kinds of artificial insemination and all procedures associated with it are encumbered with various laws and legislations. Those ways of conceiving a child opens a lot of new and different “gates” that need a lot of specifying regulations to eliminate any possible inconsistencies that could

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Legal aspects of IVF egg donation in popular locations

IVF IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC Infertility treatment regulations in the Czech Republic are a bit more liberal than in the rest of the European countries. But of course, there are some restrictions. If you think about and IVF in the Czech Republic here are the legal regulations you need to

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Donor recruitment and qualification

Recruitment to donate eggs Becoming an egg donor does not just involve a sole decision to become one. You do not wake up one morning and choose to become a donor. Also, most egg donors do not do it solely because of egg donor compensation. Some countries do not even

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Anonymous or non-anonymous donor?

Deciding if the egg donor should be an anonymous donor or non-anonymous donor is a very serious matter. This choice will have impact on your life long after your pregnancy and birth, even your entire life. Both choices carry their own set of consequences that you will need to know

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In-house (IVF clinic) or external egg bank?

Should you choose fresh eggs made available by your IVF clinic or should you get frozen eggs from an external egg bank? Egg banks specialize in acquiring eggs and egg donors. They also sell frozen eggs or offer donor availability – that is when a donor travels to a fertility

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How to talk about IVF egg donation?

When you are happy parents to donor conceived child and everything has gone as planned, it might be the time to think through how and when to talk to your child about the origins of their creation. This is a very frequently discussed topic for the parents of donor eggs

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IVF Egg donation treatment abroad

IVF treatment abroad – how to choose a country? When choosing an egg donation clinic overseas you have to take a couple of things under consideration. The first and most important thing is the laws regarding infertility treatments in that specific country. So as soon as you know exactly what

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IVF and Egg Donation Cost – Worldwide Guide

The costs of an IVF treatment using a patient’s own eggs differ greatly between countries – from €2,500 in the cheapest destinations such as India, through an average of €4,500 in Europe and up to €15,000 in the United States. Egg donation programs are even more expensive – around €3,500 in India,

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