Complete Egg Donation Guide for Patients

The one and only complete guide for Patients who are considering egg donation treatment!

In this section, you will find a guide which will take you through each and every aspect of IVF with Egg Donation and all the additional procedures. You will learn what IVF with egg donation really is, how to prepare for it, how much will it cost, how and which donor to choose, which country would be the best and most importantly you will be able to make a more conscious decision on which clinic is the best for YOU!


The amount of information needed to be learned when looking for an IVF Egg donation clinic can be overwhelming for every patient. All the methods concerning different procedures, prices, legal aspects, ethical dilemmas and success rates would give anybody a headache. Not even mentioning that it can all look different when looking for a clinic abroad.

That is why here at Egg Donation Friends we created the ultimate Egg Donation Guide!