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EggDonationFriends – the Story

Cristina, Boris, Marcus and Dorothy’s individual journeys to parenthood have not been easy. Over the years they were able to gain knowledge and learn a lot about the field of fertility services and IVF clinics.

“We met a number of doctors, travelled to several clinics in different countries and were faced with a lot of difficulties connected to egg donation.”

In order to help other patients, couples, and singles, and to save their time in searching for a reliable place to start treatment, they have created EggDonationFriends.com.

The Beginning

A story like any other. A couple of strangers, IVF patients, met at the clinic’s corridor. They started talking. Then they phoned each other, sent e-mails, until they started meeting and talking about their fertility journeys.

They have noticed that when you prepare yourself for this big step (IVF with donor eggs), you need a trustworthy source of information as well as assistance from other more experienced patients. They have focused on egg donation as they were convinced that it is a very delicate and complex, often taboo, topic. Especially, if you consider treatment in a foreign country. Cristina, Boris, Marcus and Dorothy realised that patients were missing reliable and factual knowledge about egg donation: easy and unrestricted access to data on IVF clinics, procedures, treatment conditions, prices, accommodation, etc. They have searched the Internet to find the information they needed. However, in spite of spending endless hours searching still, they were not satisfied with the quality of the information found … and they decided to change it.

EggDonationFriends.com was born

Our Mission

EggDonationFriends.com has come to life as a platform for patients from all over the world. Its purpose is to assist them in making well-informed decisions – especially when they are considering treatment abroad. The platform provides information, special reports, educational webinars and knowledge about the egg donation process.

Inspired by the words of Dalai Lama, we believe that “a lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity” and we strive to change the attitude of medical centers when it comes to communicating with patients.

Our mission is to support the transparency of clinics’ standards and pricing policies as we believe it is vital for their credibility.

We know – from patient’s perspective of our own – how difficult it may be to find all information needed, how hard it is to handle unexpected situations and how upsetting unclear rules are — especially if you cannot reach your clinic when in doubt. We have learnt much from our own experiences and we also received valuable feedback from hundreds of patients worldwide. This is how EggDonationFriends.com came into being with the supreme goal of supporting transparency.

Every month our website is visited by patients from all over the globe. They are all determined to start their treatment with donor eggs in a clinic that offers transparent conditions and fully professional service. We believe that only on such basis one can build trust and a sense of safety. Communicating the clinic’s offer clearly is the best way to prove the quality of its service.

How do we put our mission into practice?
It is simple!

  • We talk to clinics and encourage them to present their offers in the clearest and understandable way possible.
  • We award credible centers with a Trusted Clinic Certificate. It confirms that a given clinic operates transparently and is open to patients’ needs.
  • We build the community of patients and let them share experiences and reviews of clinics and treatment options.
  • We encourage experts from all over the world to educate patients and help them understand details associated with in vitro with donor eggs.
  • All that we do, we do to support the transparency of treatment and better services for patients.

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