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First, you need to decide if you are interested in donor eggs from an egg bank (you will be able to have them transported to any country and clinic in the world) or donor eggs from one of the hundred IVF clinics we work with.
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Egg Donor Database

The world’s only online database of egg donors available through selected Clinics.

Below you will find a search tool for egg donors and egg donor database of donors available in selected IVF clinics worldwide. This egg donor database has been prepared with the world’s best IVF clinics offering egg donation programs with their own egg banks and which maintain databases of pre-approved egg donors. The donor oocytes are available as fresh or frozen eggs depending on the patient’s needs. The egg donors in our participating Clinics have been accepted according to international regulations and recommendations.

he range of oocyte donors listed below is limited to donors from Russian and Ukrainian clinics. This is because of legal regulations in the countries of Western Europe that cannot disclose donors’ details.

If you’d like us to search for a donor for you – just fill in the form above – our consultants will try to help you out.

Egg Donor Database – How does it work?

Using EggDonationFriends egg donor database is simple. Use the search tool to find a donor. You can select ethnicity, height, weight, eye and hair colour. Click Book Now to find the profile of the clinic to which the donor is assigned. Fill in the form and the Clinic will contact you directly. You IVF consultation will follow.

Please bear in mind that the search tool is used by Patients from all over the world and it may happen that the egg donor selected is no longer available. In such a case the fertility clinic will suggest a similar available donor.
The egg donor database is updated every 1-2 weeks, based on data provided by the Clinics.

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Egg donor database – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy eggs from a specific donor and have IVF treatment in a Clinic of my choice?

When selecting the egg donor, you will only be able to have IVF treatment with her eggs in the Clinic which has accepted the donor and added her to our database.

If I select a donor, can I be sure that she has been reserved only for me?

The search tool is used by thousands of Patients from around the globe. Unless you arrange the details of your IVF with donor eggs program through the Clinic, you cannot be certain that your selected egg donor will be available. After your selection, the fertility Clinic will reserve the donor and will contact her to confirm.

What if it turns out that the donor I’m interested in is no longer available?

In such a case the Clinic will contact you and suggest a similar egg donor.

What donor details are available in your database?

Our database provides height, weight, race, education, blood group, eye and hair colour and hair structure. When reserving an egg donor, you will receive additional information about the donor. The data is stored in various ivf clinics due to variations in legal requirements in different countries.

I would like to become a donor. Can you help me?

For those of you who wish to donate your eggs (either to an egg bank or directly to a couple in need) we are going to create a special egg donor database. This online database will soon be available on our website. You will be able to create a donor profile which will visible to thousands of couples in need and participating IVF clinics. Once the tool is up and running we will inform about it on our social media channels. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you want to start donating your eggs sooner, browse the clinics or egg banks in your area.