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Egg donor in the UK?

Finding an egg donor for IVF can be difficult as phenotypes vary from patient to patient. According to medical organisation guidelines, you should look for the donor who matches your phenotype – at least – race, skin color, height, hair color, and eye color. As there are countries like the UK where egg donation is allowed – there are restrictions with donor’s compensation and anonymity. UK donors have to be non-anonymous according to the law. That makes it really difficult to find donors who are willing to donate their eggs. This is one of the reasons patients from the UK are going abroad for donor egg treatment. There’s also a financial reason – as treatment abroad is often cheaper than in the UK.

Egg donor in Australia?

There’s a similar situation in Australia as donors are non-anonymous so there are not many of them available and donor egg treatment is expensive. That’s why Australian patients going abroad as well as patients from the UK.
The UK and Australia are just examples of what causing patients to go abroad.

Egg donor in other countries?

Obviously, there are other countries struggling with similar problems or countries where egg donation is not allowed at all – for example – Germany where egg donation treatment is not allowed at all. German patients are forced to go abroad looking both for donors and IVF clinics.

Egg Donor for IVF?

We’re here to connect patients looking for an egg donor for their IVF with egg donor banks or clinics – to make it easier for patients. Sometimes – as we know that from our own experience – finding the right egg donor is more important than finding a clinic. Especially, it may concern patients who are looking for rare egg donors. However, there are also patients who are looking for an egg donor to transport oocytes to their home country – and this is also possible. We work with top IVF Egg Banks and top IVF Clinics worldwide. Apart from that, we work with IVF courier companies which are able to help patients in oocytes transportation around the world.

Where to find an egg donor?

There are many egg banks over the world. You may try to source the donor in First Egg Bank – one of the biggest egg banks in Europe. They’re located in Ukraine and they support patients with transportation options as they also offer IVF courier services. Another option is ProCrear Egg Bank in Spain – they also treat IVF patients as apart from donor bank they operate as well as an established IVF Clinic. You may also check the Assisting Nature CryoBank located in Greece which is a part of Assisting Nature IVF Clinic. They are not able to transport eggs internationally – however if you think Greece is as a destination option for your IVF treatment, it may be worth to look at it.

Is it difficult to find an egg donor?

Well, it depends on the recipient’s requirements. However, in popular destinations in Europe – there is no waiting list for egg donors. Most of the phenotypes are available immediately.

The most common donor races available across Europe in the most popular IVF destinations:

  • Caucasian, white (Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Russia, Estonia,)
  • Spanish / Latino (Spain, Portugal)
  • Black / Indian (Cyprus, Spain)
  • Mixed races (Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece)

The least frequent egg donor races in European egg banks and clinics (however still possible to find in Europe)

  • Native American,
  • Asian
  • Middle Eastern

Egg donor in USA

If we look at donor availability – the best destination is the USA as you’ll find all type of donors over there. However treatment costs are very high – the average donor cost is $8,000-12,000 and it doesn’t include the IVF treatment procedures (fertilization, lab procedures, embryo transfer etc.). There are many well-established egg banks in the USA, however, not all of them offer transportation of oocytes to Europe.

Egg Donor quality

In terms of quality, you shouldn’t worry too much. In popular IVF destinations, egg donors are qualified in accordance with the rigorous testing process, usually resulting from law restrictions. Apart from that, most of the donor egg banks qualify donors according to medical organisations’ guidelines and recommendations. Egg donors are healthy young women – between 18-35 years old – depending on the country.


Egg Donor Banks Database

The world’s only online database of egg donor banks.


Below you will find a list of egg banks and clinics with their own egg banks which my provide donor oocytes and publish database of available egg donors worldwide. The egg donor bank database has been prepared with the world’s best IVF clinics offering egg donation programs with their own egg banks. The donor oocytes are available as fresh or frozen eggs depending on the patient’s needs depending on the destination. The egg donors in our participating Clinics have been accepted according to international regulations and recommendations.

Egg donor database – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy eggs from a specific donor and have IVF treatment in a Clinic of my choice?

After selecting the egg donor in external egg bank you will be able to have IVF treatment with her eggs in a clinic which has accepted the donor. Please bear in mind you need to check with an egg bank if they support your destination as there may be different law requirements as per country.

If I select a donor, can I be sure that she has been reserved only for me?

Egg banks are used by Patients from around the globe. Unless you arrange the details of your IVF with donor eggs program through the Clinic, you cannot be certain that your selected egg donor will be available. After your selection, the fertility Clinic will reserve the donor and will contact her to confirm.

What if it turns out that the donor I’m interested in is no longer available?

In such a case the Clinic or Egg Bank will contact you and suggest a similar egg donor.

What donor details are available in your database?

Depending on the country where the egg bank on a clinic is located the database may provide height, weight, race, education, blood group, eye and hair colour and hair structure. When reserving an egg donor, you will receive additional information about the donor. In some countries you will be able to see a picture of a donor. The data is stored in various ivf clinics due to variations in legal requirements in different countries.

Can I choose an egg donor based only on her looks?

Theoretically yes. However, in most countries that offer egg donation programs, a full or partial donor-recipient phenotype compatibility is required. This means that in order to have IVF program, the basic characteristics of the donor and recipient need to be very similar, for example ethnicity, eye/hair colour and height. Such practice is recommended by international medical associations like ESHRE. The idea is that the baby’s appearance would not differ much from the looks of at least one parent.

I have a very unique phenotype and that is why I am looking for a unique egg donor.

If you are searching for an egg donor with a rare phenotype, you should ass the egg bank or a clinic where is the highest probability that the chosen donor race may be available. There are some phenotypes which are quite rare, for example blonde hair,185 cm/6 foot tall and a specific body type.

When I find an egg donor, how much will I have to pay for oocytes?

Depending on the egg bank or the clinic the cost of oocytes from the donor varies. European egg banks offer oocytes from EUR350 per egg. You will need, on average, minimum 6 – 8 oocytes. In the USA, where the access to egg donors is open – there are many donors available, the prices are higher and range from $8,000 to even $20,000 for 6-12 oocytes.

If I find an egg donor and I would like to have the eggs transported to my country or to a selected clinic, will I have to pay extra for shipping?

Yes. The cost for oocyte shipping can be quite high, even EUR1,000 or more. Oocytes are genetic material and they have to be transported in a special container. There are IVF courier companies that deal with egg shipping and their services are usually expensive. From the financial point of view it pays off more to have egg donation program in a clinic that is located near the egg bank

I don’t want to use egg shipping. Can the egg donor come to my country and have egg retrieval done in a selected clinic?

It is rarely practised but it is possible. There are agencies that can help you find such donor. This is a very expensive option as the patient needs to pay a fee to the agency. This, in most cases, includes the egg donor compensation, her air travel cost. Than you need to cover qualification tests, visits, stimulation process and medicines and egg retrieval cost. Remember, before you make a decision, find out if you are allowed to use a donor from abroad in your home country.

What information about an egg donor can I receive? What information is made available by egg banks?

It depends on an egg bank and the country where the bank is located. Spanish clinics and egg banks reveal only basic information, while in Cyprus, Greece, Ukraine or Russia you can learn much more about donors including their photos, the number of children, etc. The egg banks in the USA offer even more information: photos, donor’s characteristics, sometimes a recording of her voice, handwriting sample, etc.

Is there a central information / egg bank where I can find all available donors?

Unfortunately there isn’t one. Every egg bank has their own regulations and terms of operation. Some of the banks provide access to their donor database and some do not. Instead, some banks deal with every donor inquiry separately. Some egg banks offer a possibility of booking and purchasing oocytes via their website. However, there is no central egg donor database.

How to find the best and the biggest egg bank?

Unfortunately the size of the bank does not determine the quality of oocytes and does not guarantee that you will find a donor you are looking for. Some banks specialize in some types of donors. For instance, in Eastern European egg banks you may have difficulties finding donors of African ethnicity. The banks in the USA and Spain offer the biggest choice, however, their services can be very costly. Oocytes in the USA are considerably more expensive than in Europe.

I would like to become a donor. Can you help me?

For those of you who wish to donate your eggs (either to an egg bank or directly to a couple in need) we are going to create a special egg donor database. This online database will soon be available on our website. You will be able to create a donor profile which will visible to thousands of couples in need and participating IVF clinics. Once the tool is up and running we will inform about it on our social media channels. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you want to start donating your eggs sooner, browse the clinics or egg banks in your area.


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