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  • 9 most popular destinations – IVF Egg donation abroad

    Many international patients from different countries are considering undergoing high quality and successful infertility treatments at overseas infertility clinics and […]

  • 7 must know facts about egg donation success rates – the truth clinics don’t tell you

    If you are looking for a clinic to have IVF treatment with donor eggs and you are wondering what the […]

  • IVF AWARD 2016: Barcelona IVF – Customer Service & Communications

    Barcelona IVF, the fertility clinic from Spain, was established in 2010 and employs 6 biologists, 6 fertility doctors, 11 midwives/nurses […]

  • IVF AWARD 2016: Ferticentro – Intimacy & Care Award

    Ferticentro IVF clinic is a fertility clinic from Portugal. It is located in beautiful Coimbra and is one of the […]

  • IVF AWARD 2016: First Egg Bank – Egg Bank of the Year

    First Egg Bank is an oocyte bank based in Waterloo, Belgium. EggDonationFriends have awarded this fertility institution IVF AWARD 2016 […]

  • IVF AWARD 2016: IVF-Spain – PGD/PGS & Egg Donation Program

    IVF-Spain, a fertility clinic based in Alicante, Spain, does 1,500 IVF cycles a year. The clinic offers free online consultation, […]

  • IVF AWARD 2016: Assisting Nature Greece – Innovations

    Assisting Nature is a modern fertility clinic based in Greece (Thessaloniki) with 75% average success rate and 750+ performed IVF […]

  • IVF AWARD 2016: ReproGenesis – Personalized Treatment

    ReproGenesis is a reproductive medicine clinic, based in beautiful Brno in Czech Republic. It offers all types of fertility treatments, […]

  • IVF Award 2016: Instituto Bernabeu – IVF Agency of the Year

    If you are interested in fertility matters, you definitely have heard of Instituto Bernabeu. This fertility center from Spain has […]