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Choose from 2 Egg Donation Clinics in North Cyprus

Cyprus Dunya IVF Clinic

Kyrenia , North Cyprus
Egg donation cost: from €5000
Egg donor availability: Caucasian, African +2 more
Sperm donation cost: from €1000

Cyprus IVF Hospital

Famagusta, North Cyprus
Egg donation cost: from €4500
Egg donor availability: Caucasian, Hispanic +5 more
Sperm donation cost: from €3500

IVF Egg Donation treatment in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is a small country and also large, warm and exotic island, that is located at the intersection of routes that connect Asia, Africa and Europe. North Cyprus has the mildest and sunniest climate in the Mediterranean.

It is not surprising, that Cyprus ivf centers are most chosen by international patients from the UK, France, Germany and other countries who search for high-quality fertility treatments at reasonable cost. The vast majority of North Cyprus IVF centers offer egg donation treatment with no waiting time. North Cyprus fertility clinics are mainly visited by international patients, who seek for experienced fertility specialists and embryologists, young and healthy egg donors, as well as egg donation programs that give IVF success rates well above the average.

Best IVF clinics in North Cyprus – costs

North Cyprus IVF cost is yet another advantage that attracts international patients, who can get excellent infertility treatment at a fraction of ivf cost they would pay in the national clinics. Donor eggs IVF cost starts from EUR 4 500 EUR (without medication), and the price might also include transfers between the clinic and a hotel or/and free initial consulting.

So if you consider undergoing low-cost IVF egg donation treatment, then North Cyprus fertility centers are the absolute best choice.

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