IVF Egg Donation Country – Czech Republic

IVF Egg Donation Country Czech Republic


Czech Republic – a landlocked country in the Central Europe. From the north-east it borders with Poland, in the west and north-west with Germany, in the south with Austria and in the south-east with Slovakia. The Czech Republic is the member of  EU and the Schengen area. Czech republic is very popular destination among international patients who seek affordable and high quality infertility treatments. Czech Best IVF clinics achieve very high success rates and offer excellent service.

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Basic information about Czech Republic

    • Continent: Europe
    • Capital: Prague
    • Direction: +420
    • Currrency: The Czech Crown
    • Population: 10,5 mln (2010)
    • Language: Czech language
    • Time zone: UTC+1 (winter) and UTC+2 (summer)

Basic information about IVF egg donation treatment in Czech Republic

  • No of IVF clinics: 29


    Clinics in Czech Republic

    • IVFallowed
    • PGDallowed
    • Egg Donationallowed
    • Anonymous Egg Donationallowed
    • No of IVF cycles (2010): 12,741
    • No of IVF-ED cycles (2010): 2,831
    • No of Trusted Clinics: 7
    • No of ESHRE Reporting Clinics (2010): 20

IVF Success rate: 36%-45%


IVF with Donor Eggs Success rate: 56%



Our Partners


    We are family based company specialized for foreign patients with fertility problems. We are situated in the hearth of Europe – Prague – Czech Republic. We have lots of experiences in the field of assisted reproduction. Our head physician MUDr. Milan Mrazek, PhD., MBA has more than 19 years of experiences.


    IVF CUBE was opened in 2011 and is located in Prague. It is a private facility. The clinic was designed and built to satisfy guidelines laid down by SUKL – the body which regulates and licenses the clinics. The design is well thought out, and the interior is very pleasant.


    Sanatorium REPROMEDA is a private clinic oriented on help to infertile couples as well as to couples able to conceive but not to bear the healthy baby. The facility was founded in 1999 as a new facility of experienced experts in the area of reproductive medicine and assisted reproduction. It´s speciality is PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis), PGS (pre-implantation genetic screening), Egg, Sperm and Embryo Donation and Surrogacy.


    The clinic was established in 2003 by a doctor MUDr. Jiri Dolezal, the IVF specialist with 25 years of experiences in reproductive medicine. The Doctor’s team puts into its work not only a maximum effort but also a joy that its activity is meaningful and gives people hope for their life happiness.

    We guarantee outstanding care and an individual approach, certified and experienced specialist and a treatment with impressive results according to international standards.

  • Medistella

    With an official date of establishment in 2016, our company may seem young, but it was the result of what we found people asking for in our long careers in the medical field, which is more comprehensive care with an individual approach.


    Unica’s success rates are audited by the clinic’s academic associate. Moreover, the clinic has been cooperating with medical universities and thanks to that was able to build an impressive database of young oocyte donors.

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