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IVF and Egg Donation in North Cyprus

Table of Contents

IVF in North Cyprus - basic information

Egg Donation in North Cyprus

brief information regarding donor eggs IVF in North Cyprus
4,500-6,000 Egg donation cost range in North Cyprus
  • Egg donation cycles per year1
    no data
  • Average egg donation success rates2
    no data
  • Egg donation
  • Donor availability
    Caucasian, African / Black, Arab
IVF and Egg Donation in North Cyprus - availability and limits
Maximum patient age45 - 55
50-55 years if patients meet certain criteria and have undergone specific tests
IVF treatments for single womenAllowed
IVF treatments for female same sex couplesAllowed
Gender selectionAllowed only if there are medical reasons
Not allowed for family balancing reasons
Maximum number of embryos to transfer
IVF with donor eggs
Maximum number of embryos to transfer
IVF with own eggs
Egg donation - anonymityAnonymous
Some characteristics, history and skills may be revealed to the recipient - depending on clinic's decision
Egg donor availabilityVery good
Egg donor age18-34
Maximum number of born children from the same egg donorNo data
not specified by legislation, decided by each
clinic individually
Sperm donor - maximum ageNo data
not specified by legislation, decided by each
clinic individually
Maximum number of children born from the same sperm donorNo data
not specified by legislation, decided by each
clinic individually
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Sources: Legislation and reimbursement of ART and IUI treatments in Europe >>> | IVF Aroad Patients Guide - 2023 >>>

Why IVF in North Cyprus?

Let’s start with a few geopolitical facts. Cyprus, one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, has been divided politically for over 40 years. Nowadays it consists of two parts – the Republic of Cyprus, located in the south and west, and the Turkish-controlled Republic of Northern Cyprus. As the European Union has special legal arrangements for North Cyprus (which is not considered a ‘state in terms of EU regulations), this part of the island is to be considered separate from its southern neighbour and offers a different set of IVF treatment regulations.

When it comes to IVF and egg donation, Northern Cyprus remains one of the most popular destinations for patients from Western Europe, Turkey and the Middle Eastern countries. The two most important reasons for this are significantly lower treatment costs and quite liberal IVF regulations (as compared with the rest of Europe). Add to this good healthcare facilities, easy travel options and holiday surroundings helpful in relieving IVF cycle stress, and you get a highly competitive destination which compares favourably against other popular European destinations (such as Spain or the Czech Republic). Two most popular and largest cities in Northern Cyprus are Nicosia and Kyrenia, rich in cultural heritage and tourist attractions. There is also where most IVF clinics are located.

Top IVF clinics in Cyprus offer services tailored to international patients and language support, help them with travel arrangements and accommodation. With its highly qualified medical professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, Cyprus, with its convenient location and pleasant climate, is a perfect option for international patients seeking quality and affordable treatments abroad.

Reasons to go to North Cyprus for IVF or egg donation

IVF clinics in North Cyprus

There are approximately 14 IVF clinics operating in Northern Cyprus. As Northern Cyprus is still not recognised by any country other than Turkey, its IVF clinics are not obliged to report their results and success rates to any international monitoring organisation such as ESHRE. Due to this it is not possible to independently verify the exact number of clinics in operation, their efficiency and the quality of treatment. Today our official knowledge on IVF clinics in North Cyprus is still limited. It is surely an important thing to bear in mind before deciding on your fertility treatment at that very destination.

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Cyprus IVF Hospital

Cyprus IVF Hospital

Cyprus IVF Hospital, previously known by the name of Famagusta Medical Centre Hospital until 2017, was Cyprus’s first ISO 9001 quality-certified clinic and has been operating since 1995. Thanks to cutting-edge equipment and technology, friendly and dynamic personnel have obtained a highly well-known reputation. In 2023, Cyprus IVF Hospital received

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IVOX IVF Hospital

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Fertility treatments in North Cyprus

What differentiates North Cyprus from other European IVF destinations is its wide choice of treatment options. Additionally, the regulations are quite liberal and this in turn enables North Cyprus to be a very popular destination for international IVF patients

In North Cyprus, the maximum age for a female patient is 58, providing the woman meets certain criteria and has undergone specific tests. However, all the cases of patients over 55 are submitted to the Ministry of Health and the ethics committee for review and approval. Patients can only receive treatment once they receive this approval. The age limit for a male partner is 65 but, under some special circumstances, the ethics committee may decide about a few years more. The fertility assistance is not limited to opposite sex couples – both single women and women in lesbian relationships are accepted (although officially the latter option is not mentioned in the law). Anonymity in IVF treatment offered by North Cyprus is a rule. Both egg and sperm donors can keep their identity private, embryo donation is anonymous as well.

Social freezing of eggs is permitted, as well as embryo freezing. The storage time of frozen oocytes or embryos depends on patients’ age and health. Fertility treatment choices in North Cyprus also include pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (both PGS and PGD) what is extremely crucial in preventing certain genetic diseases or disorders from being passed on to the child. Sex selection is generally allowed for medical indications.

IVF for lesbian couples in North Cyprus

Most IVF clinics in North Cyprus accept same sex female couples.

Egg donation in North Cyprus

If you are interested mainly in egg donation, Northern Cyprus may be a reasonable option for you. Anonymity of egg donors is strictly protected and even grown-up children cannot seek their birth parents if they wish to. Allowing people to donate anonymously increases donation levels what results in a larger donor pool and consequently, shorter waiting lists. That combined with an obligatory phenotype matching of a donor and a recipient may be a deciding factor for patients searching for IVF treatment opportunities in Europe.

Egg donor information available in North Cyprus

As mentioned before, egg donation is anonymous which means that neither donor’s personal information nor her pictures are available to IVF patients and their future children. Unlike some countries like the UK, children born as a result of a donation will not be able to access information about their donor even after the age of 18 so donors’ privacy is upheld.

In spite of that, egg donor recipients still have access to a lot of necessary facts about the donor. It refers to physical features like race, eyes and hair colour, height or weight as well as to the type of completed education and skills. One may also learn how old the donor is, what blood type and Rh factor she has and how many children she’s already got. All of that helps to make thoughtful and reasonable decision and choose the donor that suits your family in the best possible way.

Egg donor qualifications

North Cyprus is popular for its rather liberal attitude towards IVF treatment but it does not mean there are no legal restrictions or indications to obey. Generally, a donor should not be older than 34 years old and she has to undergo a qualification process involving testing for infectious diseases.

Donor’s are legally obliged to have the following tests:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Anti– HCV
  • RPR – VDR
  • HTLV – I/II
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea.

Donors also have to undergo genetic tests to identify the risk of the most common genetic disorders (thalassaemia, sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis and karyotype). Egg donors also have to undergo psychological screening.

There is no information how many genetic offsprings may egg donors have.

Embryo donation in North Cyprus

Embryo donation is allowed in North Cyprus. Just like in case of egg donation, it is anonymous so the donors’ identity will never be known by the recipients. The maximum number of embryos allowed to be transferred during IVF is 3. One of the biggest advantages of embryo donation is the fact that both sperm and egg donor’s medical data is well-known to the clinic. They have been already used in successful IVF treatments so they assure safety and quality.

IVF cost in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is one of the more affordable destinations for infertility patients who can make significant savings. , especially when you plan to spend more on travelling and accommodation during your treatment.

The average cost of egg donation treatment in North Cyprus ranges from €4,500 to €6,000 while single IVF cycle with own eggs in North Cyprus will require you to spend from € 2,700 to €5,700.

Sources: IVF Aroad Patients Guide, WhereIVF.com >>> | Patients Enquiries Reports 2013-2019, Fertility Clinics Abroad Ltd., Edinburgh, August 2019 | Patients Enquiries Report’s 2013-2019, IVF Media Ltd., Dublin, August 2019

However, let’s not forget that price offers clinics share with public may not always include all additional services. In order to know beforehand what you’re getting into, always check if there are not any shortcuts or hidden extras. It is definitely worth enquiring if the presented price contains the following components:

  • the donor’s fee, her medication and screening (if you’re interested in egg donation)
  • egg retrieval
  • sperm collection and sperm preparation
  • ICSI
  • IVF add-ons  (techniques in IVF Lab)
  • transfer of blastocysts
  • vitrification (freezing) and storage of embryos/blastocysts
  • frozen embryo transfer

IVF success rates in North Cyprus

IVF treatment success rates depend on a number of factors, most important of which are patient’s own fertility assessment parameters. Good clinics cannot assure one’s chances of success with IVF treatment but they can surely boost them. We assume that good fertility clinics in North Cyprus should not fall short of average European IVF success rates published by ESHRE.

In North Cyprus there is no central register or external agency which checks and confirms clinics’ success rates. Hence, assessing results from an independent point of view is almost impossible and we have to rely entirely on the numbers and opinions the clinics share with us. Before deciding on a treatment, it is always recommendable to check if the clinic you’ve chosen is fully accredited and regulated by a governing body.

The information on accredited assisted reproduction centres can be found on the North Cyprus Ministry of Health website. However, the information may not be updated and the webpage is entirely in Turkish.

ESHRE does not collect data from North Cyprus because this country is not recognized by the European Union, therefore in the egg donation success rates comparison table below, data for North Cyprus are empty.

Egg Donation Success Rates* per woman age in Europe – popular countries
Country / Woman age<3435-39≥40
Czech Republic44.741.040.2
North CyprusNo data / not collected by ESHRE
*Pregnancy rates per embryo transfer. Source: ART in Europe, 2016: results generated from European registries by ESHRE >>> | *Only 101 ED cycles were reported for Latvia – not enough data.

IVF laws and clinics accreditation in North Cyprus

IVF treatment in North Cyprus is regulated by the local Ministry of Health which is a national governing body for fertility clinics in this part of the island. In order to operate and perform IVF procedures, a clinic needs a licence issued by the ministerial Coordination Committee. The licensed clinics are subject to compliance inspections every year. Apart from that, doctors carrying out IVF treatment and responsible for eggs and embryo transfers have to possess adequate certificates and licenses, too.

The most important piece of legislation regarding assisted reproductive laws and directives is Regulation on Reproductive Treatment Methods (Organ Nakli Yasası Tüp bebek Tüzüğü). In addition to that document, there is also Reproductive Treatment Centres Regulation that describes the operational standards and procedures for fertility treatment in IVF clinics.

Patients have to remember that North Cyprus is the self-proclaimed state recognised only by Turkey and although it is a part of the European Union, the EU law does not apply there. It is especially important in terms of potential lawsuit claims – you have to realise that seeking legal solutions in local courts might be extremely complicated.

IVF in North Cyprus – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does IVF treatment cost in North Cyprus?

The average cost of egg donation treatment in North Cyprus ranges from €4,500 to €6,000 while single IVF cycle with own eggs will require you to spend from € 2,700 to €5,700. Additionally, there are some extra services and procedures patients have to pay for in the course of their treatment. But even in spite of the latter, North Cyprus is still a more economical option than other popular European destinations.

What kind of IVF treatment is legally allowed in North Cyprus?

North Cyprus is one of the most liberal destinations in terms of available IVF treatment options. It has one of the highest maximum age limits for a female patient (58 years old – with the approval of the ethics committee) and IVF treatment is allowed for both single women and lesbian couples (although officially the latter option is not mentioned in the law). Egg/sperm/embryo donation is anonymous and there is no limit on oocytes to be fertilised in IVF cycles with own eggs. In IVF cycles with donor eggs, the preferred number of good quality eggs is 10 for every cycle. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (both PGS and PGD) is also included in fertility treatment choices in North Cyprus.

What are IVF success rates in North Cyprus?

As North Cyprus is still not recognised by any country other than Turkey, its IVF clinics are not obliged to report their results and success rates to any international monitoring organisations. Additionally, there is no information on success rates published by any national governing body either. Patients can source their knowledge only from the clinics’ own websites and reports.

What are the most frequently chosen cities for IVF treatment in North Cyprus?

There are more 14 IVF centres operating currently in North Cyprus. Almost all certified IVF clinics are located in North Cyprus’ major towns: Nicosia and Kyrenia.

What major laws are regulating IVF treatment in North Cyprus?

The basic law of in vitro fertilisation in North Cyprus is Regulation on Reproductive Treatment Methods (the law 57/2014 and the legislation 381 – 2016). In addition to that document, there is also Reproductive Treatment Centres Regulation (the legislation 32/1998) that describes the operation standards and procedures for fertility treatment in IVF clinics.

Where can I find the information on IVF clinics in North Cyprus?

The information on accredited assisted reproduction centres can be found on the Ministry of Health website: https://saglik.gov.ct.tr/. However, the information may not be updated and the webpage is entirely in Turkish.

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